This week in theatres and On Demand from director/writer Guillermo Amoedo and producer Eli Roth comes the story of “The Stranger.”

This film tells the story of Martin (Cristobal Montt), a stranger wandering in a small Canadian town looking for his wife. Unable to find her, Martin encounters a gang led by Peter (Nicolas Duran) who beats him. Watching from the woods is Caleb (Ariel Levy) who tracks down Lt. De Luca (Luis Gnecco) for help.

Caleb takes home where his mother Monica (Alessandra Guerzoni) becomes angry. She knows there is something wrong with this stranger. Caleb discovers there is a connection between Peter and Lt. De Luca – they are father and son.

When Caleb is also beat and put in the hospital but the stranger makes Peter pay for both the beatings. Close to death, De Luca swears revenge, burns Caleb and tracks down the stranger. Discovering Martin’s secret De Luca uses it to save his own son not fully understanding the consequences.

The Stranger needs to stop it before all hell breaks loose!

Montt as the Stranger Martin has the total package to play such a role. He looks serious, even intense and doesn’t have much to say, but when he does you best listen! Trying to find his wife was the plan, dealing with a crooked cop and his crazy kid wasn’t.

Levy as Caleb is one tough tagger! Seeing Martin’s beating and doing the right thing cost him pretty much everything. Of course when he got in the cop’s car I wanted to scream out “are you kidding trusting that dude?” yes, I do get a bit carried away. The great things about this character is that he continued to do the right thing – pretty cool to my way of thinking.

Guerzoni as Monica is a woman with a secret of her own. Trying to protect her son from Martin, she also trusts De Luca which sent my brain into a tizzy. Seriously, this guy oozes creepiness!

Gnecco as said creepy Lt. De Luca is a whirling dervish of trouble! All would have been fantastic if this guy wasn’t such a douche bag. Now by saying the previous sentence you know Gnecco did a good job, it’s always well done when a character is hated before he ever really opens his mouth.

Duran as Peter is just a misunderstood young man who didn’t get the proper attention at home or love from his parents. Yea, and I have swampland in Florida that would make a great petting zoo for kids <insert eye roll here>. All I can say is come uppance is such a wonderful thing sometimes.

Other cast include: John Allan as the Police Chief, Pablo Vila as Dr. Hill, Elvia Gonzalez as Jack, Sally Rose as Nurse Sonia and Lorenza Izzo as Ana.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Stranger” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I enjoyed the telling of the film with its twists and turns. For me this is an original telling which is quite refreshing. These creatures have more human qualities than ‘monster’ even though they are just that.

Wrapped up in the blood and chase is a story that is pretty cool. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Giving a quick back story (although I would have liked to know a little more), the main focus is on the relationship between Caleb and Martin deal with bad cop with an equally bad son!

In the end — they are humanities death sentence!



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