Out on DVD this week from director Nick Love and Entertainment One comes a look at an elite group know as THE SWEENEY.

This film tells the story of DI Jack Regan (Ray Winstone), the leader of a special team of London’s crime fighting force. With his team George Carter (Ben Drew), Nancy Lewis (Haylet Atwell), Kara Clarke (Caroline Chikezie) and Simon Ellis (Allen Leech) – they go after those who commit violent crimes.

Much to the dismay of Regan’s boss, DCI Frank Haskins (Damian Lewis), he does allow the team to do what they do best, bring in bad guys. That is until DCI Ivan Lewis (Steven Mackintosh) decides after gold ingots go missing that its time to take a closer look at the Sweeney.

That doesn’t stop crime as a jewelry store is robbed and a young girl brutally murdered, the team goes into action to find who is responsible. Every step they take brings them closer and just before the end – the case falls apart and their prime suspect goes free. That is enough for DCI Lewis to take away Regan’s power and break up the team.

Not everything is at it seems and yet everything is exactly what Regan thinks!

FINAL WORD: Winstone is the center of this film and he does it with grit. It did give me a chuckle that he gets to have a love interest in the film but at the same time I’m applauding it. His intuition is keen yet he has a limit and the wrong people are pushing to it.

Drew as George Carter is the perfect partner to Winstone’s character. Learning his story brings these two characters even closer together as the story unravels. Drew keeps it together every time someone points out his past by proving it has nothing to do with how he is handling his future. It is definitely clear who trained him however.

Atwell as Nancy is lovely but tough at the same time. Yes, Mackintosh plays her husband Lewis who is out to get Regan in any way, shape or form. Does he know? Doesn’t he know? I’ll leave that up to the audience to decide.

Other cast include: Paul Anderson as Francis Allen, Alan Ford as Harry, Ronnie Fox as Johnny Wextru, Michael Wildman as Evelyn Simmonds, Steven Waddington as Nathan Miller, Kevin Michaels as Makin Trebolt, Dara Tointon as Megan Barrell and Tayo Walker-Allen as Neil.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE SWEENEY three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I think Winstone is a fiery older man (I don’t want to say old because he isn’t, he’s just older than the others in the film!) who doesn’t believe the new ways of police work are the best. The partnership of Winstone and Drew is really well brought out and that made me love the ending even more.

There is plenty of action, intrigue and serious car chases along with twists and turns in the storyline. Sweeney is based on Sweeney Todd, which is slang for the Flying Squad – the branch of the Metropolitan Police in London and the 1970’s television series in the UK.

In the end – act like a criminal to catch a criminal!

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