Available on blu-ray is the 1974 thriller by director Joseph Sargent and MGM/20th Century Fox with “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three”.

This film tells the story of Lt. Zachary Garber (Walter Matthau), a New York City Transit cop who is in front of the mic at the wrong time. On this particular morning, the train known as Pelham 123 is highjacked by four men who want one million dollars for the passengers that are aboard.

Garber begins the negotiations for the passengers release and speaks with a man named Mr. Blue (Robert Shaw) who isn’t about to be swayed. His crew Mr. Green (Martin Balsam), Mr. Grey (Hector Elizondo) and Mr. Brown (Earl Hindman) are also firm about their intentions.

The money must be delivered in one hour – or people will die!

FINAL WORD: This is an amazing role for Matthau! He is calm, clear and not easily swayed but what he must do. It is a role that one wouldn’t expect to see this Oscar winning actor. Most viewers know this actor for his comedic roles such as playing Oscar in “The Odd Couple” and in the films “Grumpy Old Men”.

Shaw is stunning as Mr. Blue. His character is straightforward with no hesitation in taking the lives of the passengers. That raw character acting is what made Shaw famous. Most viewers know him for his famous role as shark-catcher Quinn in the film “Jaws”.

The other hijackers are also a great group of actors who have gone on to be in memorable roles and this is a chance to see a fantastic film in which they showcased their talent. Including Oscar winner Martin Balsam, Golden Globe nominee Hector Elizondo and TV Land Award winner Earl Hindman.

Other cast include: James Broderick as Denny Doyle, Dick O’Neill as Correll, Lee Wallace as The Mayor, Jerry Stiller as Lt. Rico Patrone, Rudy Bond as the Police Commissioner, and Tom Pedi as Caz Dolowicz.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is a look at not only good filmmaking but also the genesis of action filmmaking. The cast is stellar and now in blu-ray it is crisp, clear and spot on action!

In the end – they held the city of New York hostage!

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