This week from Well Go USA Entertainment and director Hark Tsui comes action needed with “The Taking of Tiger Mountain.”

The story is set in the 1940s during the Chinese revolution high in the mountains as a Captain (Lin Gengxin) leads as few as 20 men through bitter now. Taking over an outpost from a band of rebels, they are set up for the revenge of a cruel leader named Hawk (Tony Leung).

The only way to know what the ruthless dictator has planned is to send someone in to get information. When Investigator (Zhang Hanyu) all but volunteers, he does so with a young boy, Khotti, whose family has been wiped out by the cruelty of the bandits and for a village that will not make it through winter if attacked again.

The investigator discovers quickly that Khotti’s mother, Qinglian (Yu Nan) is still alive and behind held captive by Hawk. Now he and the Captain must come up with a plan to rid themselves of over 300 men and heavy weaponry.

Sometimes it only takes the bravery of a few to bring down the many!

Gengxin as the Captain is a kind military man who wants to help a village that has been stricken by hardship and starvation. He knows all to well that the Hawk must be stopped before more villages suffer the fate that could await the village. His men are strong and will stop at nothing to do what is right.

Leung as Hawk is totally a cruel ruler with a particular joy for hanging people up and smacking them around. I couldn’t wait for someone to put him in his place – a definite sign that Leung portrayed this character enough to be unliked…well played sir!

Hanyu as the Investigator is just superb! He manages to be mysterious which is perfect when trying to fool an enemy. Getting the bandits to turn against one another certainly helps with lowering the numbers and Hanyu’s character jumps right in at every opportunity.

The cast plays so amazing well together, banding together to not only help a village but save the soldiers themselves, each actor sets to bringing about such believability to their character. It is riveting when a cast can draw me in so readily and adding a great story gives the film high marks with me.

Other cast members include: Kenny Linn, Liya Tong, Geng Han, Mo Tse and Nan Yu.

Well Go USA Entertainment has once again brought a fantastic film to Bluray. Specializing in bringing top content including the best in action, genre and independent films to fans. Well Go’s titles can be seen in theatres, digital, cable and VOD. For more of what Well Go USA Entertainment has to offer to your family library visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” four tubs of popcorn out of five. First of all, the costuming is absolutely amazing. Even with the grayish look of a hard winter, the colors are vibrant and the armor detailed. That is important when transporting a viewer into a period piece like this one.

The Bluray has the bonus features including: Interviews with director Tsui Hark, Tony Ka Fai Leung as Hawk and more of the cast. With a running time of 143 minutes there is not a moment where the plot doesn’t thicken and the action slows down.

Director Hark has brought many memorable films with Once Upon a Time in China, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate and Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. He is truly considered one of the Asian cinematography masters. He has also done American action films with The Master, Double Team and Black Mask 2: City of Masks with Jet Li.

This is definitely a must have for fans of Asian period pieces with good action, a solid story and fantastic cgi.

In the end — they enemy has no idea what will hit them!



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