Opening in theatres this Friday from director/writer Pascal Laugier and Image Entertainment comes a thriller that takes a town looking for THE TALL MAN.

This film tells the story of Julia Denning (Jessica Beil), a widowed nurse living in the town of Cold Rock. There is a legend in this town about The Tall Man who has been kidnapping the children. Helping the town’s people when she can Julia wants to help where she can including young Christine (Eve Harlow).

Living with nanny Jenny (Jodelle Ferland) and her son David (Jakob Davies) it doesn’t take long before The Tall Man visits her home. Within moments Julia’s life changes as she attempts to chase down the person responsible for the kidnapping of her son.

Turning to Lt. Dodd (Stephen McHattie), the desperate search is on for David in the remotest places. Julia won’t wait around taking off to find the man responsible. Everyone in town that she encounters seems to have a secret that they are keeping from her.

Time is running out.

FINAL WORD: Beil is truly amazing in her role of Julia. There is such tender care and genuine concern for the town and their children. Usually seeing Beil as a bad ass this is a clean performance leaving the road to the films ending mind-boggling.

Harlow as Christine is such a dark troubled young woman. When she makes a certain request of Beil’s character my jaw dropped! Her inability to speak adds to the tension of the odd happenings in Cold Rock.

Director Laugier is responsible for HOUSE OF VOICES (2004) and MARTYRS (2008) and these films are definitely in the horror genre but THE TALL MAN is manipulating the idea of what horror really is. “I’d like to think of THE TALL MAN as sort of PANIC ROOM …outside! It is ‘a woman in jeopardy’ movie with a lot of twists and a strong female character you can connect to.”

The gritty look to the film lends so much to the original and creative story being told. From the very beginning I could not look away from the screen. It set in confusion, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, second-guessing, and full of “oh my gawds” for me.

If viewers are looking for blood and gore, this isn’t it. This film is why I love what I do!

Other cast include: Samantha Farris as Tracy, Colleen Wheeler as Mrs. Johnson, Janet Wright at Trish, John Mann as Douglas, Teach Grant as Steven, Garwin Sanford as Robert, Lucas Meyers as Deputy Campbell and Ferne Downey as Mrs. Parker.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE TALL MAN three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This was truly an unexpected film to watch. I’m going to stay away from the spoiling for anyone who loves twists, turns, a little shock and awe along with a good cast to pull it all together.

This truly is a film experience to be deliciously savored. Director Laugier chose wisely bringing Beil to the role that many will not be expecting. She carries the load not only well – but also with the finesse needed to make this story work. Kudo!

In the end – who is the Tall Man and what is the truth?



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