Opening in theatres this Friday from director and brothers Bobby and Peter Farrelly and 20th Century Fox comes a film also about brotherhood with “The Three Stooges”.

This film tells the story about Moe (Chris Diamantopoulous), Curly (Sean Hayes) and Larry (Will Sasso), three young men raised in an orphanage run by Mother Superior (Jane Lynch).

One day the orphanage is informed that they will be shut down because there are no more funds. Moe, Curly and Larry decide they will go out into the world and raise the money! It doesn’t take long before trouble rears its ugly head.

They meet Lydia (Sophia Vergara) and her lover Mac (Craig Bierko) and a twisted murder plot is in the making to off husband Teddy (Kirby Heborne). There is one…slight…problem – they learn that their victim is one of their own!

FINAL WORD: Diamantopoulous as Moe resembles an angry bulldog which doesn’t do a lot for me. Hayes as Larry resembles a crazy clown without makeup and oddly – I kind of liked Curly but then again it could be the wearing high water pants that’s doing it for me.

I love Lynch but not here, I love Bierko but not here and I’m kind of completely OVER Vergara. Like everything else Hollywood takes something that is mildly amusing and hits us over the head with it.

Other cast include: Jennifer Hudson as Sister Rosemary, Larry David as Sister Mary-Mengele (really? Mengele?), Kate Upton as Sister Bernice (nice swimsuit “sister”), Brian Doyle-Murray as Monsignor Ratliffe and the Jersey Shore cast whose names would kill me to type out.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give The Three Stooges two tubs of popcorn out of five. There isn’t a moment in this film where I laughed. To make sure that perhaps I wasn’t have just a bad day – I went home right after screening to watch the REAL Three Stooges and a little piece called “Man Haters” and laughed myself silly.

There is something about the original Three Stooges that are just irreplaceable and utterly undeniably funny. I don’t know why Hollywood sees fit to take characters or a story that is so beloved and so eternally classic and give it a “remake, retell or rethink” it when it doesn’t need it.

Not even the warning to children about how they shouldn’t do what they’ve just seen in the film is a ‘too little too late’ kind of thing. If that was meant to be funny then it just goes to prove once again that this film treats its viewers like children who need to be policed. When I saw the Three Stooges as a child, my parents never had to tell me not to do those things! In fact, had I done it, or even thought of doing it they would have put the fear of God into me and added extra chores!

Hey kids, you want to watch something funny – watch the original Moe, Curly and Larry who started in 1925. See “Roast Beef and Movies” and “Hollywood Party” from 1934 and work your way up from there! These three men, including Shemp Howard, knew how to make the world laugh with them. Their antics were original and there comedy sharp and amazing.

In the end – sometimes there isn’t a substitute for the real deal.



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