Coming to theatres from director/writer Michael Winterbottom and IFC Films takes a look at two men on a journey with THE TRIP TO ITALY.

Steve (Steve Coogan) and friend Rob (Rob Brydon) get together to take a road foodie trip around Italy. Jumping in their Mini-Cooper they hit Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and Capri.

On the trip they talk about movies, life, work, movies, actors, life and the deliciousness of food. Along the way the men see beauty and humor with the crazy life they live.

FINAL WORD: Coogan is just plain sweet and funny. His brain is working a million miles an hour with his cohort and the cleverness never ends. He even manages to crack up a little. The friendship between these two men is clear and it’s eerie they way they feed off one another. Starting lines and finishing lines Coogan has no problem keeping up.

Rob is the dangerous man of the duo. With a wife and kids at home he still manages to catch a gal to test, what is obviously, his mid-life crisis. Even auditioning for a part he manages to cop a feel off the waitress helping him! He’s slick and his impressions are enough to bring on some serious laughs.

Together they are a one man show because personally I think they share a brain! The wit is sharp and the lines are so magnificently delivered. Yes, director Winterbottom chose the right duo to pull this off adding a dash of charm for good measure.

Other cast include: Rosie Fellner as Lucy, Claire Keelan as Emma, Marta Barrio as Yolanda, Timothy Leach as Joe, Ronni Ancona as Donna, and Rebecca Johnson as Sally.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE TRIP TO ITALY three tubs of popcorn out of five. I felt like I was just on the fringes of their life listening in on some hilarious conversations. I absolutely loved there talks about movies and stars, if they had gone any further with the Christian Bale/Tom Hardy talk I’d have fallen out of my chair (plus I couldn’t agree more with the fact that no one can understand them in BATMAN).

The country and sea sides are magnificent with such beauty most of us will only see in film. All the colors from the buildings to the roads to the restaurants are so vivid. The food was another work of art in the film! It looked delicious and may have caused one or two drooling spells during the film.

This film isn’t for everyone. I personally think you have to have a slightly off beat sense of humor and an appreciation for their journey to just sit back and enjoy this. It’s a chance to laugh, see some beautiful sites of the world and feel like you can smell all the delicious food – and all without needing a visa!

In the end – anyone for seconds?



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