Coming to DVD from director Natasha Kermani, VMI Worldwide and Cinedigm comes secrets and lies that lead to being “Shattered.”

Kate (Molly Burnett) is a young woman who is introduced to Mayor Forest Burnett (Ray Wise). He instantly thinks she would be a good match for his son Ken (Tom Malloy) and the Mayor is right. Kate also notices that the Mayor’s wife Maureen (Arianne Zucker) doesn’t seem too happy with her life no matter how much she smiles.

Married and starting their life together, Kate and Ken make the announcement that they are going to adopt a baby boy. Finding a nice house and raising son Logan (Tate Birchmore) and adding young daughter Emma (Kayleigh Finnegan), their life seemed wonderful.

But young Logan begins to show signs of not being well, outbursts and seeing things, Kate knows they need help. Forest doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with his grandson and Ken lets his father take the lead. When Dr. Panfil (Eileen Dietz) suggests that they discover more about Logan’s birthparents, the elder Burnett isn’t happy.

After an accident, Kate takes it upon herself to go to Maureen to ask for help. Believing there is more here than Forest or Ken are saying, it is time for her to find out for herself what everyone seems to know but her.

What Kate finds is not only disturbing and changes her life completely but it leaves her shattered!

Burnett as Kate tries to do what’s right for everyone but herself. Listening to the elder Burnett as the political and forceful leader of the family, she knows that it’s up to her to find the truth. Knowing that being under someone’s thumb isn’t a way to live, Burnett gives the character strength to stand up. It is nice to see Burnett again since her stint on the daytime television soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

Wise as Mayor Burnett is a piece of work but then again I knew he could be. His performance in the iconic series “Twin Peaks” as Laura Palmer’s father, I knew he could be devious and terrifying with the calmness that is equally frightening. Wise is an amazing actor who has had a career I’ve enjoyed.

Zucker as Maureen is a woman who is in pain by the life she is living. Keeping it all together by dressing smartly, smiling and having more drinks than she should, it is clear that this character is trapped in her own making. Zucker is also a “Days of Our Lives” cast member who is playing opposite of Burnett once again.

Malloy as Ken is a man who is caught up in a life planned by his father. There are clearly issues of who he is and his place in the political dynasty his father is trying to create. The problem is that the deception he is responsible for goes deeper than Kate could have imagined.

Other cast include Jonathan Camp as Jax, LaRita Shelby as Pam, Shivonne Michelle as Emily, Adam Huss as Rocco, and Alfonso Freeman as Dr. Minton.

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“Shattered” is a film that is based on true events from T.T. Johnson’s bestseller “The Shattered Faberge Egg.” The story has just about everything including greed, secrets, mystery, and power politics mixing it all together with the Deep South sprinkled in. Interesting considering the political landscape going on now that includes everything listed above!

The twists and turns will keep you guessing because even I didn’t think it could get any more complex until it did.

In the end – this is a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller!



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