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Coming to Select Theatres, Digital and On Demand from director Jaume Balaguero, Saban Films and Paramount Pictures is the thrill to the finish getting in THE VAULT.

Walter Moreland (Liam Cunningham) is after the treasure of a lifetime to find the buried fortune of Sir Frances Drake. Along with his crew Lorraine (Astrid Berges-Frisbey), James (Sam Riley), Simon (Luis Tosar) and Klaus (Alex Stein), they have searched the ocean bed for clues. Bringing up treasure, it is quickly taken away from them and put in the Bank of Spain.

Thom Laybrick (Freddie Highmore) is a brilliant engineer being haggled by his father for not choosing job offers from prestigious employers. Receiving a mysterious txt, he follows the clues and meets Lorraine who tells him he can either go back to his mundane life or follow her to something much more exciting.

Intrigues, Thom is introduced to Walter and he is told the story of the treasure taken and where it is. He is not clear just what is being asked of him until it is explained that the group who found the treasure want a piece of it back. Walter introduces Thom to the crew and gives him the gist of what they need – to get into a vault no one has ever seen before!

They need Thom’s mind to help them piece together what could be seen as an impossible task. Their cover is Spain’s World Cup Final with thousands and thousands of fans flocking the streets keeping law enforcement focused on the center of town giving the group time to take their chances.

What they are attempting is all based on planning and Thom’s ability to follow the clues to get what Walter is looking for.

Highmore as Thom is not thrilled with his options once he graduates from school, feeling those who want his skill – want it for the wrong reasons. Pressured by his father to make a choice, it is easy to see why Thom is drawn to do something so unexpected. Highmore gets a fantastic opportunity to show what he can do in a role that is different from everything he has done as a kid or television show The Good Doctor. As Thom, Highmore gets the opportunity to stretch and does a wonderful job in the process.

Cunningham as Walter is not happy that Spain has taken what he rightfully found. So, he does what any good treasure hunter would do – find a way to get the treasure again. Looking to his team to make that happen, he sees something in Thom that is the final piece of a mysterious puzzle. Trusting the young man has the chops for not only the job and what it would mean if they failed, Walter holds his breath several times. Cunningham is a strong leader of the group but that should not be a surprise. He is actually one of my favorite actors from the HBO series Game of Thrones as Davos Seaworth.

Riley as James is not at all happy that Walter has brought Thom into their plans. Seeing him as just a kid getting in the way, he slowly is surprised by what “the kid” brings to the table. As the days get closer to the heist. Riley gives us the brooding ex-military who feels a friendship with Walter. Riley is such an interesting actor because he gives nothing away and I like that.

Frisbey as Lorraine recruits Thom but as their mission constantly changes, she finds herself very protective of him. Feeling like the young man really needs to walk away, Thom makes it clear that he is totally in it until the end. Frisbey does not give up her own secrets but is loyal to Walter absolutely.

Tosar and Klein each have a part to play as Simon and Klaus. They are deep into the plan and are thrilled with Thom’s ability to solve the smaller problems and even more impressed when he begins to solve the larger issues. They are just as loyal to Walter!

Other cast include Jose Coronado as Gustavo, Emilio Caba as the Chairman, Julius Cotter, Hunter Tremayne, Eric Goode, Craig Stevenson as the Executives and Famke Janssen as Margaret.

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THE VAULT is a thriller that is smart and fun to experience. The story sucks you in and then lets you breathe for a second before pulling the rug out. There is tension as problems become clear leaving it to Highmore’s character to help solve keeping the heist alive.

Using a huge fan base that love soccer into the story is actually quite cool because it makes for a backdrop and important character in the film. Law enforcement from the bank or across the street try to solve little problems but a crowd watching the finals of a soccer game are not helping their suspicions of a heist.

So, sit back, have a little fun and enjoy the thrill of what is inside THE VAULT.

In the end – it is the score of a lifetime!



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