Available on DVD August 28th from director/writer Dante Lam with China Lion and Well Go USA comes stunning action, as the world needs to be saved from THE VIRAL FACTOR.

This film tells the story of IDC Agent Jon (Jay Chou), working with his crew the mission is to scientist out of the country. As the mission starts, it becomes clear very quickly that the whole thing is a set up. Agent Jon is shot in the head and left for dead. Waking up in the hospital he is told that he has mere weeks to live and will begin to lose feeling and vision.

Returning home to visit his mother, Jon is told a secret she has been keeping from him for over twenty years. Jon’s father is alive and with a brother he doesn’t remember much about. Asking him to bring them both home Jon takes a flight to Malaysia and during the flight headaches happen and he meets Dr. Rachel Kan (Lin Peng). She tells him of a surgeon that may be able to help and they agree to meet him.

Soon after they arrive she is kidnapped and Jon begins to piece together Yeung (Nicholas Tse) is responsible, a mercenary and working with a group that wants to infect the world with the virus created by the scientist he tried to help. Reaching out to Yeung and his father Tin (Kai Chi Liu) he discovers a niece who becomes a pawn in the battle.

If they are to fix things, brothers must go up against Sean (Andy On), the merciless killer who will stop at nothing to own the virus!

FINAL WORD: Chou is an interesting choice to play Jon. There is such intensity in his expression and then his heart melts once he sees his niece. I’d have to say if I were chasing a horrible virus I might not be so expressive either. There is plenty of action for Chou and his skills are pretty impressive. His storyline has twists and turns that I believe make the film even more enjoyable.

Tse as Yeung is the bad boy of the family and admittedly so in the face of being raised by his father the gambler. Peng as Dr. Kan tries to help keep the virus from getting out but ends up creating it to save the young girl Champ.

Other cast include: Bing Bai as Ice, Carl Ng as Ross, Philip Keung as Russell, and Elaine Jin as Jon’s mother.

TUBS OF POPORN: I give THE VIRAL FACTOR three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly did enjoy this film not only for its action sequences, and martial arts but the inventive storyline. The film has subtitles and even for the English as some of the actors do have heavy accents but it’s a nice touch! The story is somewhat predictable but that doesn’t stop the film from being 122 minutes of non-stop action from every angle.

I really am enjoying the films that China Lion and Well Go USA are putting together for audiences. In films from previous years there wasn’t very much of a plot or storyline to follow – mainly martial arts. In the latest films being brought to audiences there is story, action of all kinds and a cast of actors that have put forth some stellar performances.

The ending was well done and thoughtful, even touching which added to the films emotion and rounded out the film quite nicely. If you’re looking for a total action film from start to finish then this is it. The DVD has bonus features with the Making of and cast/crew interviews> it’s a great way to hear their reactions about participating in the film.

In the end – they will take it to the edge to stop a madman!



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