Opening in theatres on Friday from director Michael Sucsy and Spyglass Entertainment comes a relationship filled with love and “The Vow”.

This film tells the story of Leo (Channing Tatum), a record producer who meets and falls madly for Paige (Rachel McAdams). There relationship is filled with love, friendships, marriage and the thoughts of a family.

But life can change in a second, which Leo finds out when they are in a car accident. Paige is sent into an induced coma as he waits patiently for his wife to wake up. When she finally does – Paige has no recollection of the past five years she has spent with Leo.

What Paige does remember is her father Bill (Sam Neill) and mother Rita (Jessica Lange) as they try to pull their daughter back into their home. When Leo objects, Paige agrees to give living with her husband a try. Eventually there is nothing keeping her from returning home and to a life she does remember.

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