Tom Young’s latest book, The Warriors, has a new setting. Instead of war torn Afghanistan it takes readers back to the forgotten Serbia-Bosnia conflict. In addition to its historical significance the novel also brings back the potent characters of Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson and Army Sergeant Sophia Gold.

This story was a bit personal for Young since he had witnessed this conflict from two perspectives. In Washington DC he had worked for the Associated Press to coordinate coverage, and as a flight engineer with the Air National Guard he flew airlift missions over this area.

He commented to, “I found it hard to watch Yugoslavia tear itself apart while the world stood by. After the Holocaust the world said Never Again, but there was this ethnic group that was targeted for extinction until NATO forces eventually intervened. I was frustrated that originally the story did not receive much coverage and how initially no one seemed to react.”

The plot has Parsons and his supporting cast, including Gold, pitted against a wealthy Serbian arms dealer, Viktor Dusic, who wants to use a terrorist attack to reignite the war. In this book, more than in his other novels, the characters drive the plot. To explain the motivations he writes from Dusic’s point of view.

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