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From director Akiva Shaffer, 21 Laps Entertainment and 20th Century Fox comes a neighborhood that has THE WATCH.

This film tells the story of Evan (Ben Stiller), a man who not only is the manager of the local Costco but is constantly on the move with book clubs and jogging teams. His wife Abby (Rosemarie DeWitt) wants to spend more time with her man.

Showing up to work one morning Evan discovers one of his employees has been murdered, but not just any murder. Deciding this is unacceptable on his watch, he reaches out to his community to form a neighborhood watch. Opening up his home for a meeting, three prospects show up.

Bob (Vince Vaughn) is a man’s man who is going through a father/daughter crisis, Franklin (Jonah Hill) a man with anger and police rejection issues, and finally Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade) who has a dream he needs realized.

Evan tries to keep the guys under control while sweeping the neighborhood for the murderer. As the guys begin to bond as a team what they discover isn’t anything any neighborhood watch could begin to be prepared for!

FINAL WORD: Nope, not going to give anything away! This a comedy worth keeping secrets for. Stiller, Vaughn and Hall play off one another with ease. They do make it look so simple! This is the kind of film to just sit back and enjoy on a Friday night with a group of good friends who have warped senses of humor.

Telling anything else, as much as we would like to, would totally ruin it! I think this time Film Brat and I are safe just telling you its funny, a really good cast and lots of craziness that’s good for the soul!

Other cast include: Will Forte as Sgt. Bressman, Erin Moriarty as Chelsea, Nicholas Braun as Jason, R. Lee Ermy as Manfred, Joe Nunez as Antonio Guzman, and Sharon Gee as Mrs. Kim.

TUBS OF POPCORN: We give “The Watch” three tubs of popcorn out of five.

MOVIE MAVEN: This definitely is not a film for kids and parents should be aware of it. There is some pretty harsh discussion that would require to much explanation. That doesn’t take away from the hilarity of this cast when they get rolling.

FILM BRAT: Its a family comedy for adults. Its funny and I love Ayode. The characters are good as always with Stiller, Hill and Vaughn but Ayode is refreshingly new and he held his own against the best. I thought it was uniquely and differently the same! Its as if they took a lot of different alien etc. stories and put them into this crazy mish-mash and – it worked!

In the end – keep your eyes open for the watch!



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