In theaters from director Roar Uthaug and Magnolia Pictures comes the before and after of “The Wave.”

The mountain pass of Akneset in Geiranger, Norway is beautiful and picturesque. There is one fact that hangs over the residents of the area and that is one day a large rock slide will fall into the ocean creating a monster wave of destruction.

Norway has a reputation for rockslides in that area of the world. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened because in 1905 a tsunami wave took sixty lives and again in 1934 killing even more.

Monitoring the pass is geologist Kristian (Kristoffer Joner), a cautious man who trusts his instincts. When a job opens up in the city, Kristian is thinking of his family and what is best for them packing up to move on.

His wife Idun (Anne Dahl Torp) works at the local hotel and their two children Sondre (Jonas Oftebro) and Julia (Edith Sande) are not happy about the move. To make things a bit better, Kristian and Julia stay at their home to say goodbye to the fjord. But when the Earth rumbles, he knows something bigger is coming but his former colleagues want him to prove it before they will tell the villagers.

What is coming is bigger than they ever could have imagined!

Joner as Kristian is pretty damn awesome in this role. This role could have become over exaggerated quite easy but instead the character keeps his calm and goes about proving that others should listen. He is definitely a family man even if his kids aren’t thrilled about moving (what teenager is thrilled about anything?).

Torp as Idun is a supporting wife knowing that the adjustment for the family counts on her being positive. Working for the local hotel, she spends the day completing guest rounds and when the alarm hits, knows exactly what needs to be done. I really enjoyed Torp’s performance because she is strong woman who knows that panic is not the answer.

Oftebro as Sondre is a typical teenager who isn’t about to make things easy for his parents, especially when it comes to moving. So I have to say he did a perfect job! Edith as Julia is adorable and the scenes with her father are lovely.

The ensemble cast is so well done and each just adding more intensity to the storyline. That is important as far as I’m concerned in believing that something major is about to happen. I think that is also one of the fantastic things about this film, waiting for the wave to show up and when it does languishing in the jaw dropping intensity of how long it lasts.

Other cast include Thomas Bo Laresen as Phillip, Fridtjov Saheim as Arvid Ovrebo, Arthur Berning as Jacob, Laila Goody as Margot, Eli Harboe as Vibeke, Lado Hadzic as Bussjafor, Silje Breivik as Anna, Herman Bernhoft as George, and Hakon Moe as Thomas.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Wave” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is Norway’s first disaster film and I have to say they captured it quite well. The special effects are pretty amazing I have to say and let’s be honest here, if you are going to engross yourself in a tsunami-disaster film the effect better be perfection.

So this weekend when you are surrounded by all the films being released and want something fun, different and worth every moment then check out Norway’s offering of “The Wave.”

“The Wave” is a huge hit in Norway and has made its way to the United States and for fans like me of disaster films, this is a winner.

In the end — it was only a matter of time!



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