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Currently on Bluray, DVD and Digital in a Collector’s Edition from director Baltasar Kormakur and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the chase of the BEAST.

Dr. Nate Samuels (Idris Elba) and young daughters Meredith (Iyana Halley) and Norah (Leah Jeffries) are on a vacation at the Mopani Reserve in South Africa. It is also a chance for Nate to visit friend Martin Battles (Sharlto Copley) who is the reserve manager. This is also the place where the girls’ mother grew up and Martin takes them to her village.

The girls are thrilled when Martin takes them all to visit a local pride and witness the wonderful connection there is between the man and male lions. Driving to the Tsonga town, they are shocked to discover what a rogue lion has done to the community. Tracking the lion, Martin is hurt and moments later Nate and the girls are attacked in their jeep.

Trying to stay in contact with each other, Martin makes it clear he is badly injured and Nate knows he needs to get to his friend. Meredith runs to help her father’s friend while Norah gives the lion a little what for with a needle! All they can do is wait with the lion very close by. A poacher’s truck pulls up and tries to rough up the group not believing the story about the lion, they soon do!

Grabbing the truck, the group makes their way to an abandoned building and not far behind is a very angry lion. Time is running out and Nate knows there is nowhere else to go!

Elba as Dr. Samuels is a man who is dealing with the guilt of his marriage and trying to make the bond stronger with his daughters. Seeing his friend again gives him a chance to talk about all the feelings he has been keeping in. Instead of a vacation, he must go into survival mode and keep it together for his friend and young daughters. Elba gives a straight on performance until the very end.

Copley as Martin clear loves what he does and is worried about his friend. Taking them to visit their mother’s village is a gesture to help the girls but what they eventually find there shakes him. Copley takes the lions hard knocks until the lion makes it clear he’s not going down without a fight.

Jeffries as young Nora is about to experience the second worst thing to happen in her young life. Yet she is strong and only wants her family to survive. She makes smart moves in the midst of panic and I think she is a pretty cool kid. Wish I could say the same about sister Meredith.

Halley as Meredith is a daughter who doesn’t listen, thinks she knows everything and when she doesn’t – wants to argue at ever turn. Clearly, I have a low tolerance for mouthy teen-characters like Meredith so my nerves were running raw the entire film. As an actress Halley is lovely and took on a motherly role of sorts toward her young sister.

Other cast include – loads of lions.

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Bonus Features include Creating the Beast, Man Vs. Lion: The Final Battle, Making It Real: The Wounds, Film in the Beast’s Territory, Family Bond: The Cast of Beast, A Lion’s Pride and More!

The special effects of the lion were pretty cool and I thought it looked darn near realistic. Those big paws coming at the face were enough to convince me it was a job well done on the screen. This is a quick action thriller that does not stop from start to finish. There is not much in the way of delving into the characters but then again, the angry lion makes that difficult.

This is a bucket full of popcorn, yelling at the screen and full-on scare-jump ride and being at home on a comfy couch in a dark room with a big screen television is the way to go. Gather up the family and buckle up for a ride and don’t forget to look over your shoulder!

In the end – fight for family!



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