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Coming to Bluray from writer/director Jon Wright, writer Mark Stay and Well Go USA is a thriller that brings about a mythology when you are UNWELCOME.

Jamie (Douglas Booth) and Maya (Hannah John-Kamen) are a happy couple cooking in their apartment one London evening. As they are about to celebrate some good news, they are viciously attacked in their apartment. The trauma has left them both wary of city life. Unexpectedly, Jamie’s great aunt has passed away leaving them a cottage in lovely Ireland.

Thrilled with starting over in a quiet place, the house does need some work. Jamie hires the Whelan’s led by Daddy (Colm Meaney) and adult kids Aisling (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), Eoin (Kristian Nairn), and Killiam (Chris Walley).

One of the great-aunts’ friends, Niamh (Niamh Cusack), comes to meet the couple and lets them know that there is something they need to do each day. At the back of the garden is a small opening and that an offering must be left each evening for the Red Caps. Explaining a bit about who they are, Jamie and Maya think its all a bit superstitious.

At first Maya is a bit shocked but later is confronted for not taking it seriously and finally agrees to continue the tradition, especially after hearing the story of a lost child and a promise.

Trying to get the house ready, Jamie and Maya soon learn that the Whelan’s are bullies. When Jaime has had enough, he makes it clear they are no longer welcome at the house. Maya goes walking in the woods and discovers the Red Caps home but leaves it well enough alone. On her way out she experiences terror at the hands of one of the Whelan’s.

Running home to explain everything to Jamie, he does not understand what is happening to Maya and her story of the Red Caps. Daddy Whelan is also looking for a missing kid and suspecting the new couple, all hades breaks loose because the Red Caps want it to be known that they have their own plans.

Booth as Jamie just wants life to go back to being happy with his wife. The trauma of the apartment attack is a lot but nothing could prepare him for what Ireland has waiting for them. John-Kamen as Maya also wants peace and to get their home fixed and ready for the next phase of their life. That being said, she also makes a promise to the Redcaps and that is going to turn their world inside out.

Meany as Daddy Whelan is a total bully, not only of the entire Irish town and his own family but now of the new couple. He clearly isn’t afraid of anything or anyone and makes it clear that he starts what he finishes. O’Donnell, Narin and Walley are just as down right disgusting as their parental unit but the they have met their match in the Redcaps.

Speaking of the Redcaps, what a band of misfit creatures who know what they want and have no problem with taking it. When you make a promise to the Redcaps you had better keep it or they will keep it for you!

Other cast include Paul Warren as Redcap Sniff, Rick Warden as Redcap Chief and Ania Marson as Mother Redcap.

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The Bluray Special Features include Behind the Scenes, Making the Redcaps and Trailer.

The UNWELCOME is a big thriller with small creepy creatures that won’t hesitate to live up to their reputation. Jamie and Maya just want peace, quiet and safety and thinking they have that in the lovely cottage, they discover that country living can be just as deadly.

It is a look at mythology and the question of who is deadlier – man or superstition. The couple must find out if they are weaker because of past trauma or stronger because of past trauma. Although its hard to know when you have creepy little dudes who want something in return for favors.

In the end – break a promise and pay the price!



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