In 1969 a television series like no other hit the airwaves as Time Life brings it all back with the 3-disc DVD “The Hee Haw Collection.”

In Kornfield Kounty there is one thing you can get plenty of – that’s jokes, music and a helping of Southern charm. Hosted by country singers Buck Owens and Roy Clark, the series would stay on the air from 1969 to 1971.

What drew so many people? It’s simple really – this series didn’t take itself too seriously. To prove it, viewers (including my own family as Dad was from the south) experienced such comedy skits as “PFFT! You Was Gone!” performed by cast members such as Grandpa Jones, George Lindsey, Roy Acuff and so many more.

We got the news from KORN, got some good vittles from Lulu’s Truck Stop, listen to Stringbean’s Letter From Home, talking about love in The Haystack or getting Advice to the Lovelorn from a Hee Haw Honey. Finally, I grew up watching Owens and Clark talking about Pickin’ and Grinnin!

I especially loved the jokes coming out of the cornfield along with the Hee Haw mascot wearing his straw hat and cheesy grin, oh yea, that was entertainment. Minnie Pearl would bring her iconic straw hat with the price tag still dangling to a generation.

What came out of Hee Haw most was the amazing talent. The series brought the music of Donna Fargo ‘Funny Face’, Tennessee Ernie Ford , the clean cut Merle Haggard ‘Okie from Muskogie’, Dottie West, Charlie Rich, Hank Williams, Jr., Tammy Wynette ‘Ways to Love a Man’, Conway Twitty ‘Hello Darlin’ and the Queen of Country Music herself – Miss Loretta Lynn singing ‘Pickin Wild Mountain Berries’.

More name dropping? Okay, how about Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, George Jones, Waylon Jennings and the man in black himself, Mr. Johnny Cash!

That’s what Time Life has brought with this 3-disc set – a heap of wonderful memories with entertainment that is still funny to me today. There is over 369 minutes in this set that also includes bonus interviews with Roy Clark, George Lindsey, Charlie McCoy, Lulu Roman (gawd who could forget her hair-do!), Roni Stoneman, George Yanok and the incredibly gorgeous Jim and John Hager twins – oh yes, I said that!

This is the first time ever that “The Hee Haw Collection” has been made available for fan who want to remember the fun in the corn field. There are also five episodes that have never been released. Time Life ill also be releasing several exclusive sets that you can only get at

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Hee Haw Collection” 3-disc set four tubs of popcorn out of five. It is interesting that a generation later so many people have a fondness for this series. Hee Haw was actually my first introduction to country music before I even knew there were different genres of music.

I loved hearing Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn especially but boy, oh boy when Johnny Cash came on the screen it was electrifying. It was a family event in my house growing up to spend time with Buck Owens (and his Buckaroos) & Roy Clark. We all laughed together at the silliness on a very small television screen. Seeing it on a bigger screen now is truly a treat.

So grab “The Hee Haw Collection” for the family DVD library and not only take a stroll down Kornfield Kounty lane but introduce the next generation to one of the longest-running and best beloved variety shows of all time!

In the end — down home country it is!



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