Opening in theatres this Friday from director McG and 20th Century Fox comes a Valentines that is a little different because “This Means War”.

This film tells the story of Lauren (Reese Witherspoon), a young successful woman who seems to have it all – except love. Complaining to her bff Trish (Chelsea Handler), it doesn’t take long before Lauren is talked into trying online dating.

This also the story of two long time friends FDR Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy), two CIA operatives who are trying to capture the most wanted criminal Henrich (Til Schweiger). In their spare time FDR finds that Tuck is also trying online dating to find that special someone.

Tuck and Lauren meet first and have a great connection. So much so that FDR leaves Tuck on his own to go scout women at the local video store. Later that night he also meets Lauren but has no idea who she is.

When the two men discover they are both dating Lauren a deal is struck and each man does his best to win the heart of the girl!

FINAL WORD: Witherspoon is sweet enough as Lauren. She always has been good at playing the good girl looking for love – and doing it opposite some Hollywood hotties. There isn’t any stretch here for her acting wise but it’s a fun role for sure.

Pine is devious as the playboy FDR. Its interesting to watch his character want what he can’t have and want it even more now that his best bud has got it! Gals will relate and guys will say ‘that’s just not true’! Okay guys, okay. Pine is good and fun at the same time.

Hardy is so sweet and yes, his accent gives him a few extra points. There is such a longing in his character to just find someone to love. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty good with a dart gun and will do anything to find the person that is perfect for him. Yea, he got me. The camaraderie between Pine and Hardy is just solid and it would be easy to believe they had fun working together.

Handler is the loose cannon here but I love it! She tells it like it is on her late night show on E! Chelsea Lately so I didn’t find it at all surprising she does so in her role as Trish. That being said there was a moment where she was describing her husband and the love she has for him – women side a side of Handler that just won them big!

Other cast include: John Paul Ruttan as Joe, Abigail Spencer as Katie, Angela Bassett as Collins, Rosemary Harris as Nana Foster, and Warren Cristie as Steve.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “This Means Wear” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is exactly the kind of film that reaches both the gals and the guys. For the gals there are two, count them TWO good-looking guys trying to win one girl’s heart! For the guys, there are cool gadgets, smash ‘em up car chases, funny encounters and one good-looking girl!

This is just a fun film filled with silly stuff and lots of the chemistry that brings about true love – nothing wrong with going to the theatre to see a movie where there is no argument about what to see or why. Just go, have fun, snuggle a little and laugh a lot.

In the end – its spy against spy!


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