By Elise Cooper

Dale Brown’s latest book, Tiger’s Claw, proves once again that he is able to bring to life a thrilling and dramatic story that could be in the headlines in the near future. Currently China is in a position to challenge America militarily, economically, and politically. After reading Tiger’s Claw people might understand how the Chinese-American rivalry will play out.

The plot starts out with a powerful China and a US weakened by an economic downfall. After China launches its first successful test of its anti-ship ballistic missile the US President, Kenneth Phoenix, fears the America will lose its naval supremacy. Because America is recovering from a massive recession and has no funds to compete with China’s advancing technology the President enlists the support of retired US Air Force Lt General Patrick McLanahan. His idea is to have the US refurbish old but potent long-range bombers that will be able to push back against Chinese aggression. After being given the green light he leads a force to challenge the Chinese threat head-on.

Dale Brown told that he wanted to alert his readers by creating a doomsday scenario, especially since sequestration appears to be going forward. Sequestration is the trillion-dollar budget cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act, passed by Congress last year. As of January 1st, 2013, half of those cuts must come from defense, $500 billion over a period of ten years. Brown stated, “I decided to paint a picture where China gets strong enough, rich enough, and bold enough to enforce their historical claims of the South China Sea.”

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