Coming to TNT once again this summer is the highly anticipated return of FALLING SKIES with Mecs and Skidders and the 2nd Mass oh my!

The series came to TNT in June of 2011 created by Robert Rodat who wrote SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Rodat teamed up with produced by Steven Spielberg, who happens to know a little bit about aliens, and called the series FALLING SKIES. The series began six months after an earth alien invasion.

Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), a one time professor at Boston University, along with his sons Matt (Maxim Knight), Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) join a regiment called the 2nd Mass Militia that is a combination of civilians and fighters.

The leader of the 2nd Mass is Captain Weaver (Will Patton) sees potential in Tom he is made second in command. What they must do now is fight against the aliens who come in the form of Skidders, creepy spidery looking aliens, and Mecs, gun toting machine aliens.

It seems these aliens are after the younger kids, placing harnesses along their spines that are mind controlling. When Mason’s son Ben is captured all he can think of is retrieving his son. They also might find a way to remove the harnesses and Ann Glass (Moon Bloodgood) becomes the doctor for the camp.

In the quest to find safe places, the 2nd Mass goes from place to place also looking for supplies and medicines. They run into John Pope (Colin Cunningham), the bad boy of the group who does what he wants and sometimes to the group’s detriment and Margaret (Sarah Carter) who has no problem toting a big gun.

And this is just season one!

Has any of this caught your attention? Then prepare yourselves as TNT is playing season one this week in its totality and then season two June 2nd in preparation for the season premier of FALLING SKIES June 9th.

FINAL WORD: Are you kidding? Some of my favorite things I own is a 2nd Mass hat and backpack and a ball that when you shake it swirls and flashes with FALLING SKIES written on it. So you could say I am a huge fan of the show. I have already cleared my calendar for next weekend to catch up on season two!

Wyle is such an awesome choice to play Tom. He has the perfect mannerism and demeanor to play the levelheaded professor. It doesn’t take much for the audience to believe that Wyle as Tom is the man to do the right thing.

Roy as older son Hal is very strong willed and will do what ever is necessary to help his father but still wants to find his girlfriend who was taken by the aliens. Knight as Matt is a sweet boy who just wants to find his place in a world of adults. Jessup as Ben is caught in a tight space after his harness is removed finding himself with interesting abilities.

Bloodgood as Dr. Glass is learning as she goes. There isn’t exactly a medical textbook on how to remove harnesses off the spines of teenagers! As the series goes there are a few surprises this character brings fans.

Carter as Margaret is a gun-toting gal with a hard edge to her that people can’t get through. There are reasons for this exterior and at the same time she doesn’t shy away from what must be done.

Cunningham as Pope is just a riot! He is a badass who has talents that come in very handy for the group. Every time I think he might be melting a little bit he bucks up and has no problem being a badass again. Even the 2nd Mass knows they need him, which kind of boosts his ego a little.

Patton as Weaver is such a complex character. Yes, he is the military leader of the group but that doesn’t make him any less human. Such a sad story behind his own character but at the same time he knows what must be done. Once again a perfectly cast actor for this role.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FALLING SKIES four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a series that has everything you could want. Action, drama, aliens, a storyline that delves into each character, smart, creative, crafty, did I mention aliens? Finally – just plain awesome!

The series is well told, well filmed and with effects, along with the aliens, are just what audiences would expect from Spielberg.

The cast has become so cohesive in telling this story and I am excited that season three is just around the corner. Once again television is making its mark in bringing people together to enjoy a continuing series. Each episode is intense as the aliens test the limits of each one’s humanity.

The two-hour season premier is Sunday, June 9th at 9 p.m. Order a pizza, gather the clan and see the 2nd Mass do what they do best – save the world.

In the end – they are fighting for our existence!

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