Well it’s that time of year when I get the chance to really say which films I like for the year. After the hundreds of films (okay it feels like hundreds sometimes) I view and write on these are the top ten films that are memorable for me and ones I want to see again….and again. This is sort of a mish mash actually covering almost every genre and directors that come from totally different spectrums.


So enjoy the list and see if you agree at all with some of my choices. The best list is to come…next week is the TOP TEN WORST FILMS OF 2012 and I’m taking suggestions!

1. DJANGO UNCHAINED – From start to finish I laughed myself silly. Christoph Waltz is the heart of the film, Jaime Foxx is the hero, Leonardo di Caprio was evil but Samuel L. Jackson oooozed evil!

2. SEVEN PSYCOPATHS – If you haven’t seen this film and are a fan of insanity then this is the film to see. Farrell takes on a unique role, Rockwell is hilarious, Walken deserves every award, Harrelson cracks me up and John Waits needs a hug.

3. LIFE OF PI – It is no secret that I am not at all a fan of 3-D but if there is one to be seen, relished and seen again this way its LIFE OF PI. The story if heart wrenchingly beautiful, the cinematography is beyond spectacular and the acting of this talented young man is the soul of the film.

4. LINCOLN – Daniel Day-Lewis has channeled this beloved President in such a way that anyone seeing it will walk away a little better for seeing it. I hardly think this performance will go unnoticed.

5. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY  – If it weren’t for the 3D and frame rate this film would have been pure perfection. Let that be a lesson to you Jackson! However, that being said – never have I been more happy to see Gandalf, Elron, Galadriel, Bilbo, Gollum and a few other surprises. Will I be there next December for another go? First in line with no regrets.

6. END OF WATCH – What an amazing cop film with Gyllenhaal and Pena working so well together it is quite easy to get lost in their characters. Not even the camera movement bothered me because the story flowed, the action was fantastic and these two actors ARE the film.

7. PROMETHEUS – What happens when you put Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron in a film with Noomi Rapace? An epic film that many had been waiting for. The cinematography is stunning, the special effects are amazing and the casting couldn’t have been better.

8. THE IMPOSSIBLE – Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts with Tom Holland bring about the brutality of mother nature and the tsunami of 2004. The emotion is wrenching, the scenery unforgiving with a powerful message of love, family and the unflinching desire to survive.

9. LAWLESS – I am really shocked this film hasn’t received more attention. Tom Hardy and Shia LeBeouf put together a stellar story with Jessica Chastain about moonshining and protecting family. Hardy was quiet but deadly and I couldn’t have been more surprised.

10. ARGO – I know I will get a lot of flack for not having this further up the list but understand I did enjoy ARGO very much. I think Ben Affleck will get his share of kudos and rightfully so. He kept to the story, the realism is there and the ending still have viewers on the edge of their seat.

3,2,1…FRANKIE GO BOOM – a film with an amazing cast doing unspeakably funny (and I mean unspeakably funny) things in a story about love, life and a brother who films everything. I have watched this film several times because it is one of the funniest twisted things I’ve ever seen!



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