This is my selection of films that don’t get seen unless someone says GO SEE THEM! Well, you have heard it from me. These films have something interesting, moving, emotional, heart wrenching, inspiring, surprising, and every other descriptor you can thing of to say. So if you happen to be honored enough to get the chance and are looking for something amazing…might I suggest these!

THE DEEPp – After a shipwreck in freezing cold water, a sole survivor is the most unlikely survivor.

THINGS I DON’T UNDERSTAND – A story of love, death, and affirmation with a cast that is brilliant.

THE INVISIBLE WAR – Rape in the military, its not a pretty story but its one that needs to be heard.

3, 2, 1… FRANKIE GO BOOM – An absolutely insane film that had me laughing from moment one.

SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED – A story that unfolds so slowly that you’re a believer by the last frame.

KILLER JOE – Odd, scary, interesting and you can’t take your eyes off for a second.

THE PAPERBOY – I am officially afraid of John Cusak now because a calm psycho is the worst.

CALIFORNIA SOLO – Robert Carlyle is so moving in this film that I had to watch it twice.

DEATH REQUIUM – A story of music that lead to the death of many but the music held their faith.

DON’T STOP BELIEVING – An amazing look at a man whose life is constantly on a Journey.



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