(R) When the world turns into a garbage heap, the rich go off planet to live the good life. What they leave behind is people who need medical help and a better life. Jodie Foster, Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley do their best to keep audiences entertained. Three tubs of popcorn out of five.


(R) A comedy that isn’t for the faint of heart but instead the twisted of humor. Jason Sudekis and Jennifer Anniston take a motor home trip of a lifetime with Emma Roberts and Will Poulter as their kids. One problem – they aren’t a real family and the trip includes a smidge of marijuana! Three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five.


(PG) Its pretty much CARS with wings in this Disney production. I’m not quite sure why its rated PG if its an animated cartoon. It’s a formula that is working but mainly for families. Three tubs of popcorn out of five.


(R) Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg get together to try and outsmart drug lords who don’t like there money taken. Oh yea, they are both law enforcement of some kind or other. Seen it before but it is Washington and Wahlberg so I’ll have to grin and bear it. Three tubs of popcorn out of five.


(PG) Someone needs to explain to me several things: 1) why?, 2) how does a kids cartoon come to the screen with a PG rating?, 3) why? No tubs of popcorn out of five.


(PG-13) Once again Hugh Jackman puts his claws on the line and this time it’s a challenge of his lifetime to deal with his own personal demons. In Japan he is pushed to his limits at the point of a samurai sword. Three tubs of popcorn out of five.


(R) FINALLY, an awesome scary movie that doesn’t use ‘horror’ to scare us. Instead, based on a true family story, the director gives us creepy music and something more horrifying than what is on the screen and that is what’s in our own minds! Four tubs of popcorn out of five.


(PG) Of course this is the number one movie grossing over a zillion gazillion dollars at the box office – have you seen it yet? This is a film that is the true definition of family fun. It has laughs, minions, a storyline, family, minions, more laughs and did I say minions? Steve Carell returns as Gru – the mad scientist not-so-evil-anymore villain and Dad of three rambunctious girls who are growing up. Four tubs of popcorn out of five.


(PG-13) The boys are back in town up to the same old stuff, in the same old ways and doing the same old things that lead to the same old conclusion. The operative word here is ‘old’ but some people enjoy that. Three tubs of popcorn out of five.



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