On DVD this week from director Chang Jung-chi and Well Go USA Entertainment is a TOUCH OF THE LIGHT.

This film tells the story of Siang (Huang Yu-siang), a young brilliant pianist who happens to be blind. Mom (Lieh Lee) knowing her son needs more in his life, takes him from the village to university to learn and also to live.

There he meets Jie (Sandrine Pinna), a young woman working in a tea shop. Wanting to be a dancer, Jie re-immerses herself in a world thought gone to her.

When Siang and Jie come together, a friendship based on a love of music and dance begins. Learning from one another opens up the door for them both to be courageous!

FINAL WORD: This is a fictional account of Huang Yu-Siang’s life. Siang is beautiful, touching, endearing and just as scared as the res of us. That is exactly what makes this film so amazingly relatable. Every fear his mother shows is so real. The street scene had me holding my breath! Siang’s reaction to people carries such a stillness that when he apologizes for being “trouble” it just breaks your heart.

Now, onto his astounding piano pieces. I could use every descriptor and it wouldn’t be enough! Each piece, including the final performance scene is a treat for the ears. I wouldn’t mind in the slightest owning a CD of this young man’s playing.

Pinna as Jie portrays a young woman who presents herself as a hardened-to-life kind of gal. From the moment she meets Siang, her true self emerges. Looking past the obvious, she does what few have – taking a moment to feel the world from Siang’s point of view. Her soulful dancing is music I it’s own right that flows effortlessly. Well done!

Lee as Mom wants so much for her son and letting go brings her worry until Siang shows her that the world outside their village hasn’t changed who he is or what he wants – it’s only brings more people into his world in such a beautiful way.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TOUCH OF THE LIGHT four tubs of popcorn out of five. The cinematography has moments of brilliance adding such grace to an already graceful story. Letting these two young actors tell that story is nothing short of stunning.

These two young actors so embrace their characters and viewing the film feels like an intrusion sometimes. Director Jung-chi puts together a beautiful piece of filmmaking that deserved the awards given by the Golden Horse for Best New Director.

This is such a touching film of family, friendship, new beginnings, facing fears and most being true to what you can do and accomplish!

In the end – it is about passion, determination and believing.



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