Opening in theatres this Friday from director Danny Boyle, Pathe and Fox Searchlight Pictures is a tale of a life in a TRANCE.

This film tells the story of Simon (James McAvoy), a man working in the world of fine art in a gallery that should be impenetrable. Training a regular basis the rule of thumb is ‘no human life is worth a piece of art’.

This is put to the test when during an auction of a gang tries to grab a piece of art worth millions. Simon kicks into gear and follows procedure all the way to the vault where he is met by Franck (Vincent Cassel). After a skirmish and a crack in the skull, Franck gets away with the art.

When Simon comes to he is in the hospital but is having memory problems. Released from the hospital he goes home to find his apartment ransacked. All of this to discover that the robbery was an inside job.

Franck comes after Simon demanding to know where the painting is. Simon suffers at the hands of the gang with Nate (Danny Sapani), Dominic (Matt Cross) and Riz (Wahab Sheikh). Realizing that its possible he doesn’t remember, Franck seeks professional help.

Enter Dr. Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson), a hypnotherapist who begins to slowly reach into Simon’s mind to discover locked secrets, hidden desires, mystery upon mystery and a life masked in shadows.

Who will find the answers first?

FINAL WORD: This is an awesome role for McAvoy. Jumping all into this tale he gets his hands filthy and does it extremely well. When this actor plays a character that freaks out, is being tortured, angry and sly he can make the audience believe it all. His character Simon doesn’t sit still emotionally and it really is something to experience.

Cassell has really expanded his characters since I first saw him in ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN YEARS. He grabbed me once again in BLACK SWAN and now, as Franck there is an evilness that exudes from him but there are cracks in that persona.

Dawson gets a chance to be equally as unpredictable as her two male counterparts. As Dr. Lamb she works with patients that are trying to lose weight or quite smoking and when Simon walks in the door everything changes. She holds her up here and stands strong all the way to the bitter end – I liked that.

Other cast include: Tuppence Middleton as Woman in Red Car, and Mark Poltimore as Francis Lemaitre.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TRANCE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Talk about a twister Auntie Em! Although some parts of the film might be expected for the storyline – I really enjoyed where it took me. The changes, visuals, music and cast bring this story fully out but patience is needed.

Director Danny Boyle is definitely one to bring audiences something different and full of twists. With every movie he does, in every genre he dives into there is something different, unexpected and brilliant.

In the end – do you want to remember or to forget, the choice is yours!

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