Coming to DVD in all its awesomeness from Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios is the classic television series of TRANSFORMERS ARAMADA: The Complete Series.

This collection tells the story of the battle that continues on Cybertron. The Autobots and Decepticons are raging war over the Mini-Cons. However the Mini-Cons want to get away and with the aid of the Autobots they flee but crash into the Moon. As part of the ship falls to Earth the Mini-Cons end up all over the planet.

That’s when Rad, Carlos and Alex find wreckage inside a cave. Accidentally activating the ship it automatically sends out a signal that tell the Decepticons where they are. It also tells the Autobots as Optimus Prime arrives with Mini-Cons High Wire, Grindor and Sureshock.

Now the hunt begins for the other Mini-Cons and their weapon Star Saber. The race is on to discover who sides with the Autobots and how they will resurrect Optimus before the crazy Nemesis Prime and Megatron get by to Cybertron and use the power to overthrow the planet.

But that is the least of their problems when the Star Saber is stolen and Unicron comes alive once again. Foes must become a force of one but the price may be extremely high!

FINAL WORD: I was introduced to the Transformers when my sons where very young kids. That is perhaps why I enjoy watching these DVD’s of the show. They are great memories of some awesome television viewing. The half hour shows often left a room full of kids anticipating the next afternoon.

It is awesome to know that Shout! Factory and Hasbro have put together the amazing collections for families to share once again – and yes now Grandma has a reason to watch cartoons.

Another amazing things about Transformers is the lessons they taught without even realizing it was happening! The multicultural differences of Rad, Carlos and Alex cease to exist when it comes to helping their Autobot friends.

The differences between the Autobots and Decepticons come full circle in an epic continuation into the TRANSFORMERS ENERGON and TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON.

Hasbro is a company that has produced some of the most iconic animated shows. From TRANSFORMERS to LITTEST PET SHOP there are memories for everyone young and older. Currently Hasbro is working on a number of features including TRANSFORMERS and STRETCH ARMSTRONG along with CANDY LAND.

Shout! Factory Kids brings the best in family entertainment to the discerning film lover. With released from feature films, classics, television and animation, take a moment to check it out for yourselves at

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TRANSFORMERS ARMADA: The Compete Series four tubs of popcorn out of five. How could I possibly not give it that score! There are 8 DVD’s with 52 episodes totaling almost 20 hours of non-stop Transformer storytelling and action.

This is the beginning of an amazing collection for anyone (make that everyone) who is a Transformer fan. It is an awesome way to dig deeper into the stories that perhaps weren’t known before. That is another amazing things about this series, the complexity of the storytelling with plot twists that are stellar!

In the end – the Unicron trilogy begins!



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