Coming to DVD from executive producer Jeff Kline, Hasbro and SHOUT! Factory comes the animated TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS.

The film tells the story of an island off the coast of Maine. Griffin Rock looks like a normal island but, like its inhabitants, there is more than meets the eye. On the island are the Rescue Bots – Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder, transformers that are learning about humanity.

A young man named Cody is helping the bots by being with a family of first responders that include a police chief, firefighter, pilot and engineer. There training shows them how to keep people safe and learn the true meaning of what a hero is.

FINAL WORD: This film is an awesome way for families to sit together and watch how these wonderful people take care of us. The opportunity for children to experience their love of Transformers with the lessons of what it takes to be a hero, themselves is truly fun.

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