Coming to REELZ on April 2nd is series that lets us all know there are treasures to be had in the world, especially when you come up against TREASURE KINGS.

This series tells the story of Richie Marcello, a collector who goes in search of the most sought after items. He looks high and low for museum-calibre pieces and at the same time searches for Hollywood memorabilia.

Spending much of his time with private antiquing, Richie is now ready to cast a wider net in Hollywood. It doesn’t take long before people start coming to him with their treasures to sell.

Working with Richie are his Gallery Girls: Georgina Leahy, Kristen Bitting and Amber Ettinger, each of them with their own specialty. He trusts his girls to find him unique items and to make sure they are legitimate. They know that one wrong purchase can bring the business to a halt.

Yet one things for sure – there is fun to be had while on the job!

FINAL WORD: Richie is more laid back than I thought a man in his business would be. I think I’d go a little nuts trying to find items people wanted knowing they are hard to find or very expensive. Yet Richie goes with the flow and takes one challenge at a time. His patience seems to pay off big and he finds good in every situation.

The girls are also very knowledgeable about the items they are looking for. In the first episode Richie is looking for an original General Lee car from THE DUKES OF HAZARD. Thinking it might be an easy ‘get’, they soon discover that not every General Lee is the same.

The group also comes into contact with some of the original robots from the film REAL STEEL. Richie is funny when he compares the girls to each one of the robots but still manages to work a great deal!

Finally, Richie gets his eye full when a client brings in the original material girl Madonna’s glasses and the reason she is selling is very touching. Does Richie get sentimental? I’ll leave you to find that out.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TREASURE KINGS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I particularly like the show because of the great Hollywood finds. It’s nice to know that some of Hollywood’s props and treasures are just as important to Richie as they are to the collectors who buy them.

Richie and the Gallery Girls really do seem to have a great working relationship. Each one is knowledgeable in their field and brings something unique to the business. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have fun because they absolutely look like they enjoy what they do and to me – that’s very important.

So check out TREASURE KINGS on REELZ premiering April 2nd and continuing weekly.

In the end – it’s good to be the king!



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