Coming to theaters this Friday from director Adam Smith and A24 is a film about the power struggle in a family with “Trespass Against Us.”

Chad Cutler (Michael Fassbender) is a man trying to break away from father Colby (Brendan Gleeson). He wants something different for son Tyson (Georgie Smith), daughter Mini (Kacie Anderson) and wife Kelly (Lyndsey Marshal). That is difficult when the family has a history of criminal behavior.

Behind his father’s back, Chad attempts to obtain a permanent home for his wife and kids. Seeing how Colby is pulling Tyson towards the same criminal behavior he experienced, Chad is more determined to do what is needed to protect his family.

But Colby is well aware in every aspect of his family. Realizing that Chad is pulling away, he sets into motion events that prove once and for all he rules the Cutler clan with an iron fist and metal will.

Chad makes one stand to break away but it might not be enough!

Fassbender as Chad gives the right amount of vulnerability being under the thumb of a very tyrant father. Understanding his upbringing was just how it was doesn’t mean he believes it should be the same for his own children. Fassbender gives this character heart that is purely based on a fear he must overcome at all cost. This is a role that Fassbender does well and makes look easy at the same time.

Gleeson as Colby has the believability to be this brutal without shedding a single drop of blood. There is such a coldness to this character and although Colby wants to be seen as a loving father and grandfather, those close to him know better. There is this fine line between taking care of the family and crossing the family. Gleeson gives the character grit and an eerie creepiness that I’d stay away from!

Marshall as Kelly knows that Chad is stuck between a father and a hard place yet even when she’s upset, it doesn’t stop her support of her husband. Smith as Tyson is a young man easily influenced by grandfather Colby, especially being of the age where listening to a parent is usually met with heavy resistance.

Other cast include: Rory Kinnear as PC Lovage, Killian Scott as Kenny, Sean Harris as Gordon Bennett, Kingsley Ben-Adir as Sampson, Gerard Kearns as Lester, Tony Way as Norman, Barry Keoghan as Windows, Ezra Khan as Jamail, Alan Williams as Noah and Anastasia Hille as Mrs. Crawley.

“Trespass Against Us” is a film stripped away of a “normal” family life and instead straight survival. The head of this family is clearly set on controlling every aspect of their lives and expects no questions to be asked. The fact that their survival depends on criminal activity doesn’t seem to bother Gleeson’s character one little bit. Instead it is almost as if he taunts the authorities with a “challenge me if you dare” attitude.

It is Fassbender’s portrayal of Chad that is extremely complex filled with the duality in the father-son relationship going in both directions. Dealing with his father and trying to be a good father, Fassbender shows that the history we come from doesn’t have to be the future he wants for his own family.

What makes this film riveting is that there isn’t anything else here to distract audiences from the bare relationships between this family and what it is all based on. The story is bold as director Smith lets nothing get in his way of telling the tale in its rawest form.

In the end — blood is a brutal bond!



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