Opening in theatres this Friday from director Robert Lorenz and Warner Bros. Pictures comes a story about what happens when there is TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE.

This film tells the story of Gus (Clint Eastwood), an aging baseball scout who is not taking the technology changes of baseball very well. When it becomes a topic of discussion and the owner Vince (Robert Patrick) brings Gus’ necessity into question as his contract comes close to expiring.

To move up into the organization, Phillip (Matthew Lillard) wants Gus gone but Pete (John Goodman) wants to prove he is needed. Pete decides to talk to Gus about it all when noticing something isn’t right. Calling Gus’ daughter Mickey (Amy Adams), he hopes she will work with Gus on one more scouting tour.

Father and daughter aren’t exactly getting along but Mickey decides she will help at the expense of her job as a lawyer. Following Gus to look at super hitter Bo Gentry (Joe Massingill) to help her father decide if this kid can save her father’s job. Mickey also meets Johnny (Justin Timberlake), another scout who believes Gus is the best.

Mickey not only tries to patch their relationship but has to help save Gus’ job and do it before she loses her own!

FINAL WORD: Eastwood is getting pretty good at playing the role of the grumpy old man who has no patience for the world and growling at anyone in his way. That’s exactly what he does here and it works. This is the first film he hasn’t directed himself but the director Lorenz is a long time collaborator with Eastwood.

Adams is spunky, lively and seems comfortable around baseball. Actually she does look like she is having a good time and it shows. Play opposite Eastwood she digs in the lawyer heels and stands her cinematic ground. I truly enjoyed watching her even though I wasn’t thrilled with the “you can’t be a partner if you’re not here” storyline as it instantly reminded me of “Baby Boom” (1987).

Timberlake is sweet and isn’t overbearing in his role of Johnny. If anything else he seems to be the middle ground between Eastwood and Adams. His character was once scouted by Gus/Eastwood so he understands what the job takes. Romancing Adams in the film is not only charming but also delightful as well adding some fun to the film.

Goodman as Peter puts in his presence as the caring friend. Lillard as Phillip is sleazy and motivated by total greed, what a shock! Patrick’s role is small and that’s about it.

Other cast include: Ed Lauter as Max, Chelcie Ross as Smitty, Raymond Anthony Thomas as Lucious, Clifton Guterman as Neil, George Wyner as Rosenbloom, Bob Gunton as Watson, Jack Gilpin as Schwartz, Norma Alvarez as Grace Sanchez, Jay Galloway as Rigo Sanchez and Scott Eastwood as Billy Clark.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a fun movie about baseball told in a different way. There is a lot of emotion between Eastwood and Adams dealing with the complexities of the father-daughter relationship. Timberlake adds charm and honestly a reason for the ladies to go see a baseball movie but it works.

In the end – it’s whatever life throws at you!



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