The DVD “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1” will be released this Friday night at midnight and by visiting the Breaking Dawn website you can discover where there is a midnight release party in your area <>. The DVD contains two hours of special features such as making of the documentary of the film and, a personal video of Belle and Edwards wedding! There is also a feature entitled ‘Jacobs Destiny’ for those Jacob fans!

In the bright sun of San Diego on the rooftop of the Palomar Hotel downtown, I had the chance to talk with one of the stars of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1”. She is Casey LeBow who plays Kate Denali, one of the vegetarian twins who lives in Alaska and are of Russian decent.

As readers of the books can tell you, the Denali family has quite a history with the Cullen clan. They are the only other vegetarian vampires in the world. At Belle and Edward’s wedding there is a moment of intensity when one of the Denali sisters, Irina, is upset over the death of Laurent and holds Jacob’s family responsible. The Denali clan knows that isn’t the case and does there best to keep the peace.

And in that scene are the hints of what is coming in the final chapter coming this fall with “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2”.

When preparing for my interview I thought ‘what could I ask that people really would want to know’ and it came to me. I know three lovely young ladies who have been at the forefront of Twi-hardity since the moment they began reading the Stephanie Meyers books a few years ago. So, I emailed Stephanie Procopio who in turn contacted her two bff’s Adriene Dunn and Pamela McNeil and they set about giving me the questions they wanted answered.

So throwing in one or two of my own, here is the interview with the very lovely and most gracious Casey LeBow.

Hi Casey, you are adorable!

Oh, thanks so much.

Wow, so striking. So, okay I was thinking you’ve been asked the same questions from the press so I thought we would do something different. I have questions from three young ladies that are huge fans. There is Stephanie, Adriene and Pam.

Are you serious? Oh my gosh, this is an incredible treat for me! This is so cute!

Oh I’m so glad you are in! From Pam, she asks, “What made her want to play Kate?”

Oddly enough, we did not when I went in to audition didn’t know which part we were auditioning for. We were also given fake scenes. Kate descended from the sky for me. I went through very arduous auditions and it was intense.

Did you know that whole time it was the role of Kate?

I knew that it was to play one of the Russians sisters but I didn’t know which one.

How was that for you not knowing?


This is from Adriene, she has a couple of questions – the first is, how did you feel about working with the cast?

At first I was super intimidated, really. I totally was. You’re walking into this preexisting family. They’ve already done three films and there is a bunch of other new people. Some people were not phased but I was intimidated. But after three or four days of getting to know everyone I was just over the moon. They totally made me comfortable. The new cast, basically the Denali people, I love all of them so much. We are so close. I still see them and still hang out with them. We all really bonded and had a really lovely connection with each other.

What is your favorite scene?

Oh it’s coming up in Part Two and I can’t tell you about it.

Sorry Adriene! Next she asks, “Are you happy with your role?”

Yes and I think that the fans will be very happy. It was a very fun character to play.

Have you read the books?

Yes, I hadn’t before I got the job. I read BREAKING DAWN but I did not read the others, I watched the films. Also, I didn’t feel that I needed to get that information. Just about my character. I didn’t feel that I needed to know too much about the intimate things about Belle and Edward because as my character Kate wouldn’t know those things. I stayed away from that and just watched the films to keep up with the story line.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I am team Bill Condon ! They forced me today to answer earlier so the cat is out of the bag. I’m Team Edward.

How does she feel about fighting the Volturi?

I can’t talk about that!

They are going to die!

Ohhhhh, I can’t. I can say that the fans will be very, very pleased. I don’t want to ruin it for die-hard fans, seriously I don’t. This is such a loaded question and I can’t answer it. Its Part 2 stuff, I’m sorry Adriene!

Does she swoon over Jacob like everybody else?

Nope, no, no. He’s a nice kid but no.

Who’s the coolest off camera?

Everyone was pretty cool. Kellan was very nice. I was actually taken aback by how down to earth he is. He’s actually really smart and very down to earth and funny and fun. He is a total crack up. Everybody was doing prankster things. It was so much fun. Lee Pace and I had a joke toward the end of filming that our parents had dropped us off at summer camp and forgot to pick us up, that’s how great it is.

Did you film it all at once?

Yes, but the wedding was the last thing we shot for production. We didn’t shoot it chronologically.

From Stephanie, she wants to know if are you always a fan of the series?

I had seen them and watched them and understood it and I wasn’t as much of a fan as I am now. I understand the dynamics of it.

She asks, “What does she think about the popularity?”

I think it is a testament to the amazing world that Stephanie Meyer created through her books. Apparently there was a void in society that she filled. Not since “Star Wars”, and I’m not comparing them I’m saying as for overall reaction – when was the last time you saw someone camping out for a film? It would be “Star Wars”. I don’t know that there has been anything since then that has united people in a passion like this. It is a serious devotion which wow, I don’t have anything in my life that I love that much. I wish I did!

And you got to be part of it!

It’s incredible; I’m part of pop culture history!

What is it like to work with a cast that has been together for so long?

They were a tight knit family. Again, there was so many of us because of all the new characters that its not like you walk on and say “oh look, there are the Cullens” because there was a whole mess of people you had to get to know. Honestly, there were so many people I was to busy being nervous to sit there and say, “there’s a Cullen!”

Are there major differences between the book and the movie in Part 2?

Naughty, naughty Stephanie, now you know I can’t answer that! I think the fans will be very happy and pleased. There is a lot of stuff with Kate too.

There was more action in part one and than there was in the book, are they doing that for Part 2 too?

There she goes again trying to bait me with telling.

I think these girls are looking for a tease from you.

The wedding! The scene from the wedding is the appetizer. Bill Condon What happens with the Denali’s at the wedding really does bleed into the events. If you’re a fan and have read the books them you know that.

How was it working with Michael Sheen? That’s from me by the way.

What a lovely, lovely man and funny, witty, British and just awesomeness. There is so much I wish I could tell you.

How do you get through all these interviews and not slip?

Oh I’ve slipped a couple of times.

Do you get in trouble for that?

No, it isn’t that bad. But I have to shake myself and stop in the middle of a sentence like I did just a minute ago! There is so much that is amazing about what happens in part 2 that I wish I could sing it from the rooftop. But I also don’t want to ruin it for the fans. The experience of having whatever they thought this would be in their minds – who wants that to ruined?

I think they want you to make them squeal with teasing about Part 2.

Not just because I’m in it but I think part 2, for me is going to be my favorite out of all the Twilight films. How’s that for a tease girls! They are so cute for asking these questions.

I’m reading you finished a film with Josh Lucas called “In the Mooring”?

Yes, we changed the name to “Hideaway” and its coming out in May and I couldn’t be happier.

How is Josh Lucas to be around?

A stud…a total babe!

Do you get to kiss him?


What do you have coming up after that?

In April, I’m going to film an Indie romantic comedy in New York. Abigail Spencer wrote it and starred in it. James Franco is going to be in it and is also producing it through his production company and it’s going to be a good one.

Wow, James Franco.

Yep, I’m wracking up the babes right?!

Thanks so much Casey!

This very lovely and charming actress is going to continue to keep busy with so many projects in the works. It is also fantastic that she loves her part in the history making finale with “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” coming into theatres later in 2012.

Until then, fans will have to settle for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One” being released at midnight, this Friday! Don’t forget to head to to find out where the nearest midnight party is in your area. There are also games on the site and lots of things to read and catch up on.



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