‘Two Lovers and a Bear’ is bittersweet on DVD

Coming to DVD from writer/director Kim Nguyen and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a tale that brings cold and warmth together with “Two Lovers and a Bear.”

Living in a town in the Arctic, Roman (Dane DeHaan) is madly in love with Lucy (Tatiana Maslany). Both have been living in seclusion to escape life sadness’s that no one else has a clue about. Understanding one another has kept them happy and in love.

That is until Lucy receives a letter accepting her to college away from their icy home and a family member who won’t leave her alone. She hesitates to tell Roman and when it finally comes out, he goes into a downward spiral that scares them both. Not listening to the polar bear that has befriended him, Roman comes close to losing it all.

Lucy convinces Roman that they need to get away together packing their snow mobiles and heading out onto the icy tundra. On their journey they both come to terms with what has been chasing them through their lives.

Two souls need to be free.

DeHaan as Roman is an intense young man who has spent a long time running from his past. Finding love with Lucy is the only thing keeping this character from falling into an emotionally destructive life. DeHaan has the incredible ability to show pain, love, fear and caring in the most unusual ways. Each of these emotions aren’t overly expressed but are found in his eyes.

Maslany as Lucy believes that the only way to run from her past is by going off to college and starting over. Telling Roman leads to the journey of being together to not only share their feelings but find a way to save each other from the fears that plague them. Maslany is the perfect counterpart to DeHaan’s character having the same pain, love, fear and caring also shown in her expressions.

These two actors together are absolutely stunning bringing a journey of discovery and intensity surrounded by the beauty and vastness of the Arctic. Director Nyugen has used amazing locations before in such films as the 2010 film “City of Shadows” filmed in Tunisia with its sandstorms and “War Witch” filmed in the Congo, “Two Lovers and a Bear” took on the icy Iqaluit, Nunavut in Canada.

Other cast includes John Ralson as Lucy’s Father, Joseph Nakogee as Peter, Johnny Issaluk as Charlie, Yvonne E. Davidson as Emma and Jennifer Soucie as Johanna.

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“Two Lovers and a Bear” is such a beautiful story of two people barely living but still managing to find one another. In the most brutal icy conditions, nothing matters to these two lovers more than finding a way to shed their personal fears. Wanting nothing between them but love, it is the battle each one faces that is stunning to experience through every frame of the film.

There are times when a review needs to be very vague because there is so much to be experienced first hand. Such is the case with “Two Lovers and a Bear” with its beautiful and touching story surrounded by the silent pain driving them across the equally beautiful frozen plains.

Oh yes, I haven’t mentioned the bear — intentionally, as you will see for yourselves.

In the end — they brave their past and now they must brave the elements!



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