In theatres and coming to On Demand November 5th from director Doug Dearth and Freestyle Digital Media comes a film based on true events in time for football season with a team of UNDERDOGS.

This film tells the story of the Knights football team at the St. Thomas Aquinas School, a Division Four School in rural Ohio who has never made an appearance in the playoffs. With Bobby Burkett (Logan Huffman) as quarterback, the new coach Vince DeAntonio (D.B., Sweeney) is making team changes.

Beginning with Damien Taylor (Carter Redwood) as the new wide receiver and Justin ‘Big’ Mack (Fabien Oliver Paul-Blanc) who brings along his cousin Jamal (Aric Floyd). The Coach works them hard and tries to undo the many bad habits that have kept the Knights from winning.

Off the field Bobby falls for a rival teams cheerleader Renee Donohue (Maddie Hasson) and that causes problems. Johnny Handon (Charlie Carver), quarterback from the opposing Vikings team sees the Knights are no threat whatsoever on the field but a problem for Rene’s affections. At the same time his father Bill (William Mapother) is being sued by Johnny’s father for intellectual rights to Bill’s invention.

It takes patience from the coach, an effort from the team and the right thing to win a ruling before the town hits the big championship game between the Knights and Vikings with $100,000 at stake.

More importantly – it brings together a team that won’t quit!

FINAL WORD: Huffman as Bobby plays a young man with skill. He is also very supportive of his family and wants a future for them all. Sweeney as Coach DeAntonio is hard as nails yet discovers a soft spot for this team. Learning what they are all about helps to change how they feel about themselves and the game.

Hasson as Renee is cute and very supportive of Bobby. When her father tries to stop the relationship she must find a way to listen to her father and not hurt Bobby. She is delightful in the role. Carver as Handon is the typical smart-alek son of a rich jerk and unfortunately I’ve seen to many films with this typecasting.

Mapother as Bill the inventor is a gentle soul who knows what is right yet doesn’t realize his own worth. After this actor’s performance in ANOTHER EARTH I know there isn’t any role he can’t do!

Other cast include: Richard Portnow as John Handon II, Melora Walters as Nancy Smith-Burckett, Natalie Imbruglia as Michelle Stratton, Keith Loneker Jr. as Coach Ryan Cooper, J.T. Harding as Tim Wilfork, and an appearance by legendary quarterback Joe Namath.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give UNDERDOGS three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a feel good football story and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. With a cast that works well together to tell the story of a team, school and community that sticks together to support the underdog.

This is definitely the season for footballs films to come around and this is a family oriented story. Lessons in taking care of one another and belief when there seems no reason to is a great film to watch as a family, especially if everyone loves football!

In the end – they remembered to play with heart!



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