On DVD from MHz Networks is a Danish series from the producers of The Killing with the next crime series of UNIT ONE.

In Denmark there is an elite task force that has caught the eye of Detective Ingrid Dahl (Charlotte Fich). Unexpectedly she is promoted to lead the very team that includes Det. Allan Fischer (Mads Mikkelson), Thomas La Cour (Lars Brygmann), Ip Sorensen (Wagge Sando) and Gabu Levine (Trine Pallesen).

Dahl is keenly aware that someone else wanted the position but she must take charge immediately. Feeling she has to prove herself comes at a cost as time away from the family proves challenging.

With cases from murder, kidnapping and human trafficking the group continues to come together. Each bringing a specialty that helps to solve the mystery of the crimes they are called to. When Dahl gets the Special Unit mobile trailer, driver Johnny Olsen (Lars Bom) is an interesting addition to the group. Now, the group can travel to crime scenes where they are needed.

Unit One is a group like no other – and they prove it with each case!

FINAL WORD: Fich as Dahl is brilliant in her handling of the position. Knowing that all eyes are on her there is care, and mistakes made around every corner. Banding the group together, her character shows determination to get the job done. Fich portrays all of these qualities extremely well. I had no trouble believing she is a force but not an overbearing one. That’s a hard task to pull off and throughout the series Fich brings this character to a well thought out conclusion.

Sando as Sorenson is a man who wanted to go further in the unit but seems to readily accept his role in the Unit. That’s not to say he doesn’t share his feeling of let down, but he never lets it get in the way of a case. Backing Dahl gives him extra props in my eyes. His connection to the group is strong and I believe that is what gives his character such respect.

Brygmann as La Cour has an amazing ability to put together crime scenes and has a nice banter about him. He made me laugh more than the others for sure. Pallesen as Gaby catches on quickly, accepts Dahl as the group leader and wants her to succeed. The introduction of Lars Bom as Jimmy is the mobile driver who is sweet, charming and very funny.

Mikkelson as Det. Fischer is just a thrill to watch. The hot-tempered hunk of the gang, I have no problem confession to paying extra attention when his character is on scene. Mikkelson captures the brooding bad boy side of Det. Fischer yet has no difficulty speaking his mind if it gets the job done. There is an air of unpredictability about his character and that’s what makes this role a joy to watch (with a tad but of a crush for thirty-two episodes I will admit).

MHz Networks is bringing the best of world programming to American viewers. BORGEN is just one of many programs they have to offer with more including SPIRAL, THE YOUNG MONTALBANO, BECK and ANNO 1790 plus more! MHz networks have stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. MHz can also be found on iOS, Android, Google TV, VOD and the MHz Home Entertainment with more at www.mhznetworks.org

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give UNIT ONE four tubs of popcorn out of five. The series is well-written, which shouldn’t be a surprise since the producers of The Killing are a part of this work.

The cast is top notch and the story lines are current. I have to say I love the bantering between the characters. The action is fast paced and the interrogations are no non-sense. The script is written intelligently and gives each character a full storyline to follow all thirty-two episodes. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

The series also addresses the personal lives of each character in UNIT ONE. With a look inside it becomes clearer and clearer why this Unit is so important to them. Unfortunately it doesn’t always allow for a persona life.

The series has so much to offer and all thirty-two episodes are available on DVD. Each episode is better than the last and each season brings so much more to the audience. UNIT ONE is a must-have for crime drama enthusiasts who are looking for a little more in a series because MHz gives it!

In the end – they are a unit like no other!



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