In theaters this week from writer/director Simeon Rice and Dreamline Pictures is a race for survival with “Unsullied.”

Reagan (Murray Gray) is a runner dealing with the emotions of her family and a sister who is missing. The one think that keeps her focused is racing. Driving herself to a meet, Reagan’s car breaks down on a two lane road.

Calling for AAA, now it’s just a waiting game. Coming down the road in a pick up truck is Noah (Rusty Joiner) and friend Mason (James Gaudioso). Stopping to check on Reagan, they turn on the charm agreeing to take her to the local town to wait for her car.

After a little bit of conversation, Reagan is knocked out only to wake up tied to a rusty bed frame with another victim Zoe (Erin Boyes) across from her. Trying to get free, Zoe is taken by Mason giving Reagan only moments to work fast to free herself.

She immediately breaks into a run with dogs hot on her heels. Noah and Mason know they can not let her get away as they watch her run into the woods. Trying to keep her composure, Reagan looks for solutions and seeks help.

She is in the middle of a game and is shocked to learn the rules!

Gray as Reagan, in her film debut, is absolutely believable as this character, not only for her ability to keep it together but telling the family story of why she runs. I enjoyed the piecing together of her storyline as this character uses everything learned and the strength given to outwit her captors.

Joiner as Noah is the leader of this duo of crazies. Using his money to buy anything he wants, including people, Noah smiles and pours on the charm keeping the law at bay. Picking a small town in the back of the woods lets you know this isn’t going to end well.

Gaudioso as Mason clearly is the follower here. That being said he has no problem taking care of business, until he meets Reagan. I give props to Boyes as Zoe starting out in fear as anyone would with an ending that is worth waiting for.

Cindy Karr plays Claudine, an elderly store owner who likes the boys. Her character is hard to figure out but then again the boys did it for me.

Other cast include: Nicole Williams as Kim Farrow, Bo Youngblood as Beth, Malone Thomas as Emerson Wiley, and Ward G. Smith as Sheriff.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Unsullied” three tubs of popcorn out of five. Keeping the scenes simple is what keeps this film moving forward. The characters are a mixture of complexities, some easy to figure out and others not so much. Talking about keeping things interesting! “Unsullied” is the directorial debut of NFL star Simone Rice.

Using the woods as a partner to the storyline it becomes a race between the crazy duo and the runner if the woods will help or hurt. This is a thriller of cat and mouse but who is who is answered at the very end. This is a good popcorn film where yelling at the screen would be mandatory as far as I’m concerned.

In the end — running literally is her life!



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