Coming to Blu-ray from director Mark Waters, The Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay Entertainment comes a school like no other known as the VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

This film tells the story of Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), a wise cracking Guardian who is training to be a protector. Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry) is who Rose is protecting! Lissa is a member of the royal vampire family, a Princess actually. Both girls took off from their boarding school and someone is looking for them.

Captured, the girls are returned to St. Vladamirs Academy, a secret boarding school for a group called the Moroi who are mortal, peaceful Vampires and the Dhampirs who are half human/half vampire guardians.

Lissa must deal with Headmistress Kirova (Olga Kurylenko), Queen Tatiana (Joely Richardson) and Victor (Gabriel Byrne). Waiting in the wings to keep an eye on her from afar is Christian (Dominic Sherwood). Rose resumes her training and looks to Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) to give her extra training to protect Lissa.

Natalie (Sarah Hyland) is helping Rose and Lissa discover what the immortal, evil vampires called the Strigoi are planning. There are plots inside and outside the walls of the Academy.

Rose and Lissa need each other more than ever!

FINAL WORD: Deutch as Rose gets to play the badass role here. Training for attacks at every turn, she does so with snappy one liners and a no-nonsense attitude. She knows what she wants and has the ability to keep an eye on Lissa with a mere thought. Pretty cool talent to have and handy when protecting a princess.

Fry as Lissa is every bit a Princess but not in the usual hand-waving-crown-wearing way. There is a regal sense about her and at the same time a rebellious streak of wanting freedom away from being who she is destined to be. She’s a lovely young actress and I expect we will be seeing more from this Disney Channel alum.

Kozlovsky as Belikov is the hunk of the film and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Sherwood as Ozera is the lurking, dark young man but it’s all wrapped up in a shy kid in love. Hyland as Natalie is a sneaky character and let’s leave it at that – well done young lady.

Kurylenko as the Headmistress has an Academy load of issues with a mixture of jealousy, a little rage and unresolved issues of power. Yes, she did make me laugh in more than one scene. I’m not sure I was suppose to but characters like this make me laugh.

Byrne as Victor portrays himself as a caring man toward Rose and Lissa. Trying to keep the Queen from making Lissa’s life more difficult, he also protects Rose, but why becomes the question! Richardson as Queen Tatiana gives the best speeches that are filled with rose scented venom!

Other cast include: Claire Foy as Ms. Karp, Edward Holcroft as Aaron, Bronte Terrell as Camilla, Cameron Monaghan as Mason, Sami Gayle as Mia Rinaldi, and Ashley Charles as Jesse.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give VAMPIRE ACADEMY three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a fun film with all the elements that teens might be missing since the departure of another set of vampires from the big screen. This has one-liners, action, and a storyline that will keep fans of the books completely happy. It is definitely geared toward the teen crowd and will certainly be added to the vamp library.

VAMPIRE ACADEMY is based on the best-selling novel by New York Times & USA Today Best selling Fantasy Author Richelle Mead. TWC has received 348 Oscar nominations and have won 82 Academy Awards with such films like FRUITVALE STATION, THE BUTLER and a personal favorite PHILOMENA.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a leader in home entertainment with feature films and original television programming with STARZ, children’s entertainment, anime, and sports. There format includes DVD and Blu-ray and you can see more at

In the end – they suck at school!



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