One of the best shows brought to us all by HBO Home Entertainment is none other than Julia Louis-Dreyfus and “Veep: The Complete Fifth Season.”

Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is on the move and working everyone to get a decision on the presidency. Of course she is also dealing with a stock market, hackers from China and the infamous female fear of her face breaking out because of the stress. She’s not the only one wondering what to do next when Amy (Anna Chlumsky) has to make the decision to get back into the lions den.

The staff itself seems to be rethinking things! Working in Nevada, Richard (Sam Richardson), Jonah (Timothy Simons), Amy and Dan (Reid Scott) are stomping but the later two have an awkward moment when Amy’s sister Sophie shows up. Selina brings in a man knows as The Eagle aka Bob Bradley (Martin Mull) for a task force on banking.

Have a Twitter moment gone totally wrong; this is a perfect time for the gang to blame the Chinese hackers to cover it all up. That’s the least of it when there are ballots missing that could put Selina in the big chair.

In politics, the death of a family member can help in the polls and Selina is no different but it’s not going to stop what’s going on in China. The count continues in Nevada as Dan and Amy do what they can to try and save the day.

Selina decides that Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to get away from everyone and she must decide what to do about Charlie (John Slattery) and their relationship. Dan knows something is not all mashed potatoes and gravy with Tom James (Hugh Laurie).

As if there needs to be just a few more things, an article comes out saying that a staffer on Selina’s team called her the c-word and Amy has to find out who it is. The answer shouldn’t shock anyone but just in case a shocker is needed, Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) comes clean about who she’s in love with.

Tom James it at it again when Selina discovers that her White House Holiday Party is being used for wooing, of course she’s doing it herself. Off to Camp David, Selina tries to talk reason with the President of China.

Then it all turns for Selina as James pulls out the presidency and when Selina asks about the post of Secretary of State, she is thrown under the bus by Vice President Doyle (Phil Reeves). Even her deal for the Chinese government to free Tibet is stolen from her.

The politics just treat Selina like a bug and a windshield!

Louis-Dreyfus as Selina continues to bring in a performance that IS the reason I keep coming back. She is stunning and brings everything to Selina and by that I mean she handles things the way I probably would. I watch each episode and just shake my head because I know this to be true. Even more so everyone I know who watches the show agrees with me. This is one of the shows I never want to be over.

Chlumsky as Amy is all grown up right before our very eyes. Yes, I still see her occasionally as Vada, I won’t deny it, but that little girl is fading farther and farther away. It’s alright though because Chlumsky is absolutely fantastic and her talent has grown right along with her.

Scott as Dan just love networking, I think I’d definitely want him on my side. Simons as Jonah is the thorn in everyone’s side yet I can’t imagine him not being part of the group – ever. Walsh as Mike is, this season, wants to be part of a family with Wendy played by the uber fantastic Kathy Najimy. I just wanted to give him a hug for his efforts.

Sutherland as Catherine is a girl trying to find something in her life but always comes back to Mom, and in this season she brings along a friend! Slattery as Charlie doesn’t know what Selina is contemplating but then again what guy does.

Mull as Bradley – I mean what can be said about this actor that hasn’t been said before except astounding. I just love whenever he is on the screen no matter what he does. Tom James played by Hugh Laurie just shoes me that you never know what this actor is going to do with a character until he does it. Don’t let the charm fool you!

“Veep: The Complete Fifth Season” includes the episodes: “Morning After,” “Nev-AD-a,” “The Eagle,” “Mother,” “Thanksgiving,” “C**tgate,” “Congressional Ball,” “Camp David,” “Kissing Your Sister” and “Inauguration.” Also included are deleted scenes and audio commentaries.

This original HBO series has a winning season each and every time. The following is huge and this is your chance to catch up! “Veep” is a 3 time Emmy Award winning show including Outstanding Comedy Series with Season 6 coming in April.

Need to catch up? I can make that happen! Go to and find out how you can get a copy of “Veep: The Complete Fifth Season” for your own home entertainment library.

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