Premiering on HBO Home Entertainment with Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes an amazing series that reminds us all of what good television is with “Veep: The Complete Fourth Season.”

Beginning in 2012, viewers are introduced to Selina Meyer, Vice President of the United States. Now, in the series fourth season, Ms. Meyer is now President of the United States! That makes for more tension, problems, comedy and all around chaos which makes this series a favorite.

Taking the highest office in the land after her predecessor leaves a vacant chair, things are about to take a bigger turn. Knowing an election is in the not to distant future, the political machine gets grinding trying to present a ‘presidential’ Meyer to voters.

As the staff settles into the White House, Selina makes her first speech as President. Her first big deal is a state dinner with the Israeli Prime Minister and Gary’s budget is stretched.

As Easter eggs roll on the White House lawn, another problem-blame game breaks out. The new president’s next big task is freeing a reporter that is being held in Tehran. Just when things look good at the Party Convention, a surprising announcement sending everyone into a tizzy.

Getting sick, President Meyer works from bed, which means while the cats away Gary gets the staff involved in something illegal. When they have to give testimony about the breach it is all about blame. It is the coming Election Night that is really going to test Selina and the staff!

The team is going to have to work every angle and Selina Meyer is going to have to keep her wits when all others are losing theirs. Oh who are we kidding!

Lois-Dreyfus as Meyer is just brilliant and I mean in that in every sense of the words. This series gives her and us all, the opportunity to see a character truly develop and still surprise me episode after episode. Her timing is spectacular and her expressions – even when expressionless is a thing to behold.

Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer is dedicated to her job and nothing else. I’m feeling my age when I can still picture her as a young Vada from “My Girl.” Here she is all grown up and a grand part of this series. Sufe Bradshaw as Sue Wilson constantly cracks me up and scares me at the same time.

Tony Hale as Walsh, Reid Scott as Dan Egan and Timothy Simons as Jonah Ryan each bring their talent in such different ways yet mesh together to the point where the story’s wouldn’t work without each of them. Kevin Dunn as Ben Cafferty really should be renamed Ben Caffeine.

Gary Cole is the focused number crunching Ken Davison. I have always been a fan of Cole because he has the amazing ability to choose roles that constantly challenge me as the viewer. Just when I think I’ve seen him to it all, up pops another role that he nails effortlessly.

HBO Home Entertainment brings fans critically-acclaimed and ground breaking programming on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD all over the world. The company’s catalog contains hundreds of titles that include “True Detective,” “Girls,” “The Sopranos,” “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones.”

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Veep: The Complete Fourth Season” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I have to hold back that fifth tubs of popcorn because VEEP has so much more to show fans. The show has won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and a Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Comedy Series. Let’s not forget the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy as well.

Louis-Dreyfus has gone home with a trophy or two herself winning four Emmy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, Two Critics’ Choice Awards and a Television Critics Association Award.

The Bluray includes Hilarious Deleted Scenes with all ten episodes: Joint Session, East Wing, Data, Tehran, Convention, Storms and Pancakes, Mommy Meyer, B/ill, Testimony, and Election Night.

So in the midst of all the political craziness we are enduring these days, why not take time to catch up on the best political craziness on cable television with “Veep: The Complete Fourth Season.”

In the end — this land is her land!



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