If you’re looking for something to begin your holiday weekend from 20th Century Fox and director Paul McGuigan is another take on the story of the man we all know as “Victor Frankenstein.”

A young man with a hunched back is the ridicule of the circus. The punching bag for those who run the circus, he takes the beatings if only to see the smile of acrobat Lorelei (Jessica Brown Rindlay). One particular night, the circus had another unique visitor in Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy). When Lorelei falls from the trapeze, both the young man and Victor run to her aid.

Within moments Victor would see this sad faced clown save Lorelei’s life. The circus owner was not as impressed throwing the clown into a cage. That wouldn’t last long as Victor invites him to taste freedom.

After escaping, Victor jumps quickly into action to put the young man right, including giving him the name of Igor. In a few days posters were being circulated looking for two men who were responsible for the ruckus at the circus. Leading the charge was Inspector Turpin (Andrew Scott), a man of religion who feels it his duty to find sinners.

Ready to help Victor financially is Finnegan (Freddie Fox) who doesn’t mind spreading the money around if it will get him the fame that goes with it.

Other cast include: Bronson Webb as Rafferty, Daniel Mays as Barnaby, Robin Pearce as Baron Bomine, Callum Turner as Alistair and Spencer Wilding as Prometheus 2.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Victor Frankenstein” four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I knew this was going to be a different telling but I have to say I was thrilled with every aspect of the film.

In the end – get ready to meet your makers!



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