Television shows have been working hard for viewers these past few years. One of the shows that has fans on the edge of their seats is from MGM and Fox Home Entertainment with the saga on Bluray with season three of “Vikings.”

The story follows the very serious Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) who begins as a farmer but before long takes to claiming he is family to the Viking god Odin. It isn’t long before Ragnar has claimed the throne of Denmark along with his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick).

Brother Rollo (Clive Standen) has a love-hate relationship with brother Ragnar, but when it comes to fighting he is the first to swing a weapon. Wanting to make Ragnar even greater is Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) whose shipbuilding skills help Ragnar’s plans. During a raid, Ragnar takes the monk Athelstan (George Blagden) into his family.

Now Ragnar, Lagertha with son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Rollo are in the middle of learning who is loyal and if blood truly is thicker than water. Ragnar has so many plans and only he knows them all moving from Essex to take on the city of Paris. But there are old scores than need settling.

Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), Ragnar’s new wife is keeping the home fires burning in Kattegat. But there is something else burning as the stranger Harbard (Kevin Durand) charms his way into the family.

There are alliances to be made and broken, battles to be fought and won, and the city of Paris that gleams in the eyes of Ragnar Lothbrok!

Fimmel as Ragnar hits the screen from moment one with a blast that has fans crazy. If you have never been to San Diego Comic Con International let me tell you that the cheering for this cast was deafening! It must also be said that the women had no problem expressing to me their adoration for Fimmel and his, and I quote, “piercing eyes”. Actually, that is a good thing to say because when Fimmel is all dirtied up after a good battle, it’s those piercing eyes that let the audience know what Ragnar is feeling. This character is as bad as he wants to be, especially when he’s thinking! Fimmel just gives so much in his actions (or inaction) and I can not imagine anyone else playing this role.

Fimmel has appeared in other shows including Tarzan, Rocky Point, The Big Valley and films such as PURE CUROUNT 2: The Gift, NEEDLE, and THE EXPERIMENT. His next project is the live action video game film WARCRAFT.

Winnick as Lagertha is the strongest female character in the VIKING series. A shield maiden of course but so much more than that. This character has no problem, I mean ZERO picking up a weapon and taking on anyone that stands in her way. She is also intelligent and realizes the games that leaders play. They don’t believe she has it in her to lead and Lagertha probes them wrong. It is a joy to watch Winnick perform every episode as her character is constantly full of surprises. When looking for a strong female character in a series, Winnick pulls out all the stops and gives an outstanding performance!

Standen as Rollo is clearly what we call a big strapping guy! Hot headed and quick to respond, he is a little to quick and hot headed. Wanting what his brother has, Rollo takes a season or two to screw his head on straight and stand with his brother, even if he doesn’t always agree with him. There are bits of rogue still left in Rollo so I’m interested in seeing where he takes the character, especially in Paris!

Ludwig as Bjorn has such a large role in the third season. Following his parents in what ever direction they take, he is joined by the love of his life. Believing that she can handle the fight, it takes a saddening turn. Ludwig truly does jump in to this character and as a fan of this young actor it’s great to see Bjorn get stronger.

Skarsgard as Floki is a character you love to hate. He has such brilliant ideas but at the same time his ideas turn with the tide but with a madness. Blagden as Athelstan is such a lovely character filled with forgiveness but at the same time a self loathing that pushes him to decide who he truly is. Blagden is lovely, I don’t care how that sounds but he is and playing Athelstan is a joy to watch.

Sutherland as Queen Aslaug is another strong female character in the VIKING series. Taking care of the village and her family is a strong weight which she takes on well. That is until a stranger appears! Durand as Harbard is the mystery guest in the village. There are some who don’t trust him and others who trust him completely. It is a arc that gives audiences more questions than answers.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Vikings: The Complete Third Season” five tubs of popcorn out of five. What can I say, I absolutely love this series. Michael Hirst is the creator and writer of the hit HISTORY channel series and he has given fans exactly what they’ve asked for. The story lines are complex and character driven in such a way that he sets us up for shocks and jaw drops.

The Bluray includes the special features: The Guide to the Gods – an interactive exploration of the various Gods in Nordic Mythology lore, which include: Odin, Thor, Loki, Frigg, Baldr, Hel, Freyja, Freyr and Njordr, Extended Versions of All Episodes, Althelstan’s Journal (Part 1 and 2) – Provides insight into the character of “Athelstan” as he seeks answers about his direction in life and seeking the honorable path, Heavy is the Head: The Politics of King Ragnar’s Rule, A City Under Siege: Creating and Attacking Paris, Audio Commentary on “Born Again” and “Breaking Point” featuring Michael Hirst and Linus Roache along with Deleted Scenes.

This Bluray for “Vikings” has so much that I suggest taking a weekend to go through everything. Every special feature has so much that adds to the excitement of watching “Vikings” and a little more knowledge for what’s coming in Season Four, which I personally am jazzed about.

In the end — they are on a journey to take the world!



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