Coming to DVD this week from SHOUT! Factory and Saban Brands is Season one, Volume one of the series VR TROOPERS.

This is the story of three young heroes, Ryan Steele (Brad Hawkins), Kaitlin Star (Sarah Brown) and J.B. Reese (Michael Bacon) who have the power to transform into VR TROOPERS.

There job is to take on the evil Grimlord and his minions and total domination. Grimlord is actually Carl Ziktor, an industrialist in the war machine. Ryan’s father worked with Professor Hard (Julian Combs) to create weapons to stop the Grimlord. It was soon after his father is missing!

Now, the three heroes must take their powers and fight the Grimlord to keep him come interchanging from virtual to the world of reality.

FINAL WORD: VR TROOPERS has a lot going for it in the sense that kids really do enjoy a good story line. This DVD contains 26 episodes and having the ability to watch them back to back really does make it enjoyable.

There are a lot of lessons here on family, friendship and doing the right thing when called upon. This was brought to my attention by the 9 year old young man who was watching the DVD with me. He truly enjoyed it and was happy to be able to see them all at once.

Saban Brands, in collaboration with SHOUT! Factory has really brought a DVD this is totally worth owning. SHOUT! Factory brings DVD’s from television, animation, live music and comedy specials all packed for anyone’s extensive library and VR TROOPERS.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give VR TROOPERS three tubs of popcorn out of five. This series began in 1994 and is the first series to ever go into the virtual world with the series. These teens use strength and martial arts skills to bring action to the series.

It can be a tad hokey at times but to kids they enjoy the action and can relate to the teens on the screen. It is very fast paced and that keeps the story alive and moving into the next episode.

In the end – they are the VR TROOPERS!



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