Opening in theatres from directors Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale and Twentieth Century Fox comes a look into the past when WALKING WITH DINOSAURS.

This film tells the story of Patchi (voiced by Justin Long), a Pachyrhinosaurus (which means ‘thick nosed lizard’) who lives 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period. Hardly the biggest dino in the herd, Patchi uses his wits and heart to fit in. His brother Scowler (Skyler Stone) wants to be next in line to lead the herd.

Patchi’s friend is Alex (John Leguizamo) is a prehistoric bird who is funny and is fascinated by his friend’s adventures. Catching Patchi’s eye is Juniper (Tiya Sircar), a female of the herd who also has a sense of adventure.

When a tragedy separates the herd-families it is the two brothers put their feelings aside in the face of adversity if they are to bring the herd together stronger than ever!

Justin Long as Patchi says of his role, “Patchi has an insatiable curiosity as many runts do. It does get him into trouble, but in the long run it helps him evolve and become the leader he was meant to be”.

John Leguizamo is not new to animation having captured the world as Sid the sloth in the ICE AGE films. Playing Alex, he says, “Alex is a kind of precursor to a parrot, so I adopted a Spanish accent for Alex because most parrots come from Latin American countries. What was most difficult was finding the right pitch, because Alex is a small bird, but he’s also the story’s narrator. So he also had to sound paternal and patriarchal.”

It took serious planning to bring the story to screen. To get the scenery right the filmmakers shot in the wilderness of Alaska and New Zealand. Director Neil Nightingale says, “The intention was for WALKING WITH DINOSAURS to look as though a real wildlife cameraman had gone back in time to capture the footage. So we found locations that would replicate, as closely as we could in the modern world, Arctic Alaska in the Cretaceous Period.”

Using the 3D Fusion Camera System producer Mike Devlin says, “We knew the project was ambitious so we wanted to partner with the industry leader in 3D technology. Cameron/Pace is highly respected for its technology innovation, engineering and manufacturing. They are truly creative artists!”

We couldn’t agree more so take a moment this weekend from the holiday push and rush to slow down about 70 million years or so and join the herd for an adventure like no other! Opening tomorrow is WALKING WITH DINOSAURS.



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