Opening in theatres this Friday from director David Wain, Apatow Productions and Relativity Media comes a bare naked comedy with “Wanderlust”.

This film tells the story of a George (Paul Rudd) and his wife Linda (Jennifer Anniston), a working couple that decide they want to live the New York life. Unfortunately, when George loses his job and Linda can’t seem to keep one, their dream turns into a nightmare.

With no other choice they head for Atlanta where brother has offered George a job. On the way they are stuck in the rain and end up staying at a rather unusual bed and breakfast. They find themselves in a colony of nudist, free love thinkers and vegetarians.

It doesn’t take long for leader Seth (Justin Theroux) to set his sites on Linda. As the couple decides to try this new life, George finds out it isn’t exactly all he thought it would be and tries to set everything right again.

FINAL WORD: Rudd as George is funny in his thought process. The scene where he is talking to himself in the mirror is not only hysterical but in an embarrassing way. Kind of like watching a train wreck and you can’t look away! I’m not sure yet if that is a good or bad thing!

Anniston as Linda puts in her usual feel good performance. Although I enjoy watching her I feel like I’ve seen this character before so it leaves me a little empty. She has her moments of comedy but not compared to her counterpart.

Theroux as Seth is interesting. He is exactly how I would think of a free love thinker whose been caught in a time warp! His constant diatribes are filled with 8-track player thought in a time long gone. The funny part is Theroux actually pulls it off!

Other cast include: Malin Ackerman as Eva, Ken Marino as Rick, Joe Lo Trugilo as Wayne, Kathryn Hahn as Karen, Kerri Kenny as Kathy, Lauren Ambrose as Almond, Jordan Peele as Rodney and Alan Alda as Carvin.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Wanderlust” three tubs of popcorn out of five. I will say this first and foremost this definitely isn’t a movie for everyone. There is raunchy humor and some uncomfortable nudity but if you take it as intended you could end up laughing yourself silly.

In the end – the times comes when you have nothing but the bare naked truth!



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