Opening this Friday from writer/director Duncan Jones, Charles Leavitt, Chris Metzen along with Legendary and Universal Pictures is the highly anticipated video game come to big screen with “Warcraft.”

The fearsome Orc warriors are living in the dying land of Draenor and looking for a new place to survive. Told by Gul’dan (Daniel Wu) that there is another world call Azeroth waiting, he uses captives draining their life to use magic in opening a portal. Joining in the first wave through the gate is Durotan (Toby Kebbell) the Frostwolf clan Chieftain, his pregnant wife Draka (Anna Galvin), warrior Orgrim (Robert Kazinsky) and the slave Garona (Paula Patton) who is not quite Orc and looked down upon by the others.

In Azeroth is Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), a commander of the army in the kingdom rules by the Stormwind King Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper). When a mage named Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer), who left the city of Dalaran comes to Azeroth, comes warn the King that an evil is coming he is met with resistance.

Anduin knows that they must call the Guardian Medivh (Ben Foster) to learn about the very large army that is out to destroy every kingdom. Once the attacks by the Fel begin, it is Durotan who knows that Gul’dans power is out of control. Reaching out to Anduin and King Llane, with the help of the freed Garona, their goal is the same — to stop Gul’dan.

The gate being built by the Fel to bring in more of the Horde is almost complete and to the shock of Azeroth — the one person they trusted the most has turned in to the one person that is now trying to destroy them.

In this world light can bring dark and dark can bring light!

I must start out with Fimmel as Anduin Lothar (sounds a little like Ragnar for all you “Viking” fans of which I am one). Nice to see hair on the man first of all but nothing, and I mean nothing could hide those recognizable blue eyes. Even though his role is serious he does manage to get in some humor which I liked. Is he the sole reason I wanted to see “Warcraft” in the first place? Absofrakkenlootely. Thanks Travis!

Foster as Medivh looks awesomely cool as the Guardian. Just the right looks and temperament to pull this off. This is what I like about not looking at the roster before seeing a movie — when he turned around off the large sculpture I smiled big! Cooper as King Llane is the kind of king I’d hang around meaning he doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty in a fight.

Kebbell as Durotan is an honorable Fel and although his size it rather staggering, he shows every signs of being a good being. Plus he looks cute holding his little one with those large building sized hands. Kazinsky as Orgrim believes in his Chieftain and even though he might lose his way for a second or two, a good heart always wins out. Wu as Gul’dan is creepy, as all narcissistic and power crazed maniacs look.

Patton as Garona has a story to tell being the littlest Fel in the bunch. She is tough when she has to be and has no problem killing her own half-kind. Her green coloring and very small under-bite is complimented by her Rachel Welch “One Million B.C.” costuming

Other cast include: Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar, Clancy Brown as Blackhand, Ruth Negga as Lady Taria, Callum Rennie as Moroes, Burkely Duffield as Callan, Ryan Robbins as Karos, and Dean Redman as Varis

Let’s get the cons out of the way shall we? First, fair warning — this film is in IMAX so don’t sit on the sides of the screen or sit to close, there is so much to see of the story that those two things will put a damper on the experience.

Second, I have to say that I felt like I was watching bits of “Harry Potter” meshed in with “Lord of the Rings,” nice green “Stargate,” a dash of “Avatar” topping it off with “The Last Air Bender.” I even thought I saw Gimli sitting at the funeral scene with is long red beard and intense stare.

That all being said I rather enjoyed the film and I actually know nothing about the video game other than it has been a huge success. There were plenty of gamers in the audience who cheered at things I didn’t quite understand (I’ll have to ask my very grown up son about it who is still a gamer). It didn’t bother me but I will admit to a giggle or two knowing what ever it was sure made their day.

There is plenty and I mean plenty of action in this film with huge battles scenes, loads of wizardry, bad guys who aren’t so bad and a kingdom full of heroics! The CGI is nothing to sneeze at either. The film made it pretty clear the story is hardly done in its telling and I absolutely won’t tell you how I know that — see for yourself!

Coming in at about two hours the film is a feast for the eyes and made a theatre full of people extremely happy. This might by my LOTR replacement franchise so it’s off I go to find out more about “Warcraft.” Grab your friends and prepare for a film royale!

In the end — there are two worlds but only one destiny!



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