From Dark Sky Films along with director/writer Ted Geoghegan comes the story about how not to choose your next house with “We Are Still Here.”

After the tragic death of their son, Anne (Barbara Crampton) and husband Paul Sacchetti (Andrew Sensenig) move to a small town and a quaint 19th century home. Quickly settling in Anne is the first to notice the weird noises and follows them into the basement.

Finding nothing but dirt and a few holes in the brick foundation, she tells Paul there is something about the house that is worrying her. To discover whether it is just the old house or something else, Anne calls friends May (Lisa Marie) who has a supernatural gift and her husband Jacob (Larry Fessenden).

There is a secret and Dave (Monte Markham) knows what it is. Gathering the townspeople they all descend on the Sacchetti’s home to make sure that what the mysterious ghost wants – it gets.

It’s a family like no other!

I enjoyed Crampton’s performance because I believed she was having a difficult time dealing with her son’s death. Moving to the new house there wasn’t much time before creepy set in but Crampton has no problem detecting the creepy. I just enjoyed her performance all around and shocked but not shocked at the ending.

Sensenig as Paul doesn’t like the idea that his wife has called in paranormal reinforcements but it doesn’t work out quite like he thought it would. Seeing his wife deal with her grief, he quietly jumps into a little drinking problem along the way as well. Sensenig’s reactions are a little slower than mine would have been but hey, I’m not trying to figure out who is creepin’ in my house either!

Marie as May wants to help her friend but hubby Jacob beats her too it. I have to say that Fessenden as Jacob cracked me up more than one time – and then grossed me out. Well done!

Markham as Dave is a little more than bossy with the town folk trying to control the ghost and what it wants. Seems he has no problem sacrificing people in order to keep the town together. Surprised he doesn’t run for Mayor he’s such a people person (insert sarcasm here!). Markham gives good creepy as well.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “We Are Still Here” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is the kind of thriller I enjoy because it is slow in the telling and has no problem bragging that no one is safe. Starting out slowly I love that feeling of waiting for something to pop up or out or down. If you want to get my attention for a horror/thriller, that’s exactly how you do it.

The cinematography is so cool with its dark and gloomy setting. The house is another character in the film because I have to be honest, I don’t know if I could sleep there! I just enjoy films such as “We Are Still Here” with Halloween just around the corner; add this to your viewing list on All Hallow’s Eve!

Dark Sky Films was founded in 2008 and has continued to bring amazing feature films to fans. Other titles brought by Dark Sky Films are The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. For more of what they have to offer please visit

In the end — this house needs a family!



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