On DVD this week from director Jim Mickle and Entertainment One comes a surprise look at a family that claims WE ARE WHAT WE ARE.

This film tells the story of the Parker family who live in a small town and keep to themselves. Led by father Frank Parker (Bill Sage) he keeps the family together in their ancestral traditions. When his wife Emma (Kassie DePaiva) passes, the two young women of the family Iris (Ambyr Childers) and Rose (Julia Garner) must now help with their young brother Rory (Jack Gore).

At the same time a young girl is missing and law enforcement begin searching the back woods and rivers. Small clues begin to emerge as the town’s Doc Barrow (Michael Parks) gets more interested since his own daughter disappeared several years earlier.

Doc enlists the help of Deputy Anders (Wyatt Russell) to help in the search for clues. Anders doesn’t mind since he has feelings for one of the Parker girls and now has an excuse to see her.

But there is a history here, one that goes deep and dark for the Parker family and as a flood approaches, everything they’ve been hiding will become exposed.

FINAL WORD: Sage as Frank Parker is just so eerie! He doesn’t say much throughout the film but then again he doesn’t need to. His actions speak volumes and his belief in the family history means no one will stand in his way. That’s how you know a character is well done so kudos Sage.

Gore as the young Rory is just hard to watch, especially when the story begins to unfold. He is so cute and yet because the character suspects nothing his gaunt look is sad. Russell as Anders went in a direction I didn’t see coming. I actually thought I had the ending planned out but a big NOPE!

Parks as Barrow is a man just filled with sadness looking for his daughter. After no clues for so long he finally gets one and won’t let go of it.

The winners here are Childers and Garner. These two young women are absolutely stunning with their porcelain white skin, vintage clothing and piercing eyes. With the book telling them the history of the family a change happens for both of them but is it a change that happens in time.

Childers and Garner are the creepy cherry on top of this well-done scary movie! I mean scary because the tension is so high and the horror, although there, is not ridiculous. It is slow in its telling but a winner none the less.

Other cast include: Annemarie Lawless as Arlene Stratton, Traci Hovel as Mrs. Kimble Nat De Wolf as Mr. Kimble, Nick Damici as Sheriff Meeks, Vonia Arslanian as Emily Meeks and Kelly McGillis as Marge.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WE ARE WHAT WE ARE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This was an enjoyable thriller with a cold and gray cinematography that lends itself big time. The end was nothing like I thought it would be yet everything I was hoping for.

The DVD contains bonus features such as An Acquired Taste: The Making of “We Are What We Are”, interviews with director Jim Mickle, Bill Sage and Julia Garner, as well as an audio commentary with the cast and crew. An official selection at the Sundance Film Festival this is definitely one that will catch the viewer off guard – and I like that!

In the end – blood is the strongest bond.



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