Coming to Bluray this week from director Timothy Woodward Jr., and Cinedigm comes a look at future war that is “Weaponized.”

BlackSun owner Kyle Norris (Tom Sizemore) is a man grieving over the loss of his son when the Pentagon is bombed. Resetting his goals to development bio-mechanical weapons, the military is waiting for the finished product.

Detective Walker (Johnny Messner) is called in on a rampage shooting and when he interviews the suspect, he realizes something isn’t right. Trying to convince Captain Rice (Michael Pare) that there needs to be more investigation, he turns to partner Det. Phil Ross (Cullen Chambers) and they begin to rattle cages.

That’s when Professor Clarence Peterson (Mickey Rourke) falls out of the proverbial tree giving Walker information that can help him solve the mystery. The drive is locked so the Detective turns to cyber expert/hacker Victor (Jon Foo) to perform his magic.

In the meantime, people are watching Walker and when they cause a car accident with his daughter in the back seat, his wife Angela (Taylor Cole) is understandably upset. Now Walker is really determined to discover who is responsible.

As he gets closer to who that is, Walker discovers how complex and technologically dangerous all of it has become. He will make it all stop no matter what it costs!

Messner as Walker is tough and takes this role with intensity. As the story becomes more complicated, Messner gets in there and doesn’t let a little thing like people trying to kill him to slow down his investigation. I had no problem believing that he’d kick someone’s ass if they got in his way which gives the term ‘action hero’ believability.

Rourke as Peterson is a tad creepy and when his little dog shows up in the lap of a commander’s wife in later scenes I was REALLY creeped out. I’m not going to give anything away about his character but know he pours it on well. Cole as wife Angela knows her husband is serious about his job but becomes a little less understanding when their daughter is the focus of hostility.

Foo as Victor cracked me up because he never seemed to be scared when he should have been. That was until I came to understand why and thought that he needs to have an action hero role of his own. I really enjoyed his performance.

Pare as Capt. Rice is gaining quiet a reputation for playing law enforcement roles, both good and bad cops. It would be great to see him in larger roles but I’m going to be thrilled with any role he takes. Chambers as Det. Ross is a stand up guy who knows his partner is on to something and definitely has his back. Cole as Angela is supportive and even very lovely so there isn’t much to complain about.

Now, I never had any doubt about Tom Sizemore’s acting ability but I have to say, as Kyle Norris he is a calm maniac if I ever saw one. He is straight out of the gate angry and is going to do something about it — the problem is that his solution is just a little frightening and the calmness in which he does it is diabolical.

Other cast include: Timothy Woodward Jr. as Jack Simon, John Laughlin as Richard Morgan, Aria London as Casey, Erin O’Brien as Grace, Kelea Skelton as Katie Walker, Michael Long Jr. as Sgt. Ramirez and Chris Damon as Chris Downey.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Weaponized” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is really an interesting storyline that just kept growing in a great way. The cast works well together and there are a few hiccups but nothing to stop me from watching.

Meshing the CGI with the actors and storyline is really cool and a few things I didn’t see coming. Pulling out all the stops there wasn’t any part of the special effects that weren’t believable and that’s important when selling the audience on the concept. Nicely done!

In the end — the future of war is here.



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