In theaters this Friday from director Jeffrey Blitz, the comedy writing of Jay and Mark Duplass and Fox Searchlight Pictures is the best group at “Table 19.”

Preparing for a weekend getaway wedding, Eloise (Anna Kendrick) isn’t as happy as one would think. Also invited is Walter Thimple (Stephen Merchant), the Kepp’s Bina (Lisa Kudrow) and Jerry (Craig Robinson), Rezno Eckberg (Tony Revolori) and former nanny Jo Flanagan (June Squibb).

Showing up in their wedding finery, they head to the reception discovering they are all being seated at table 19 in the back of the hall. Spending a few moments making introductions, Eloise shows up and proceeds to lay it on thick.

She informs them all that she was once the maid-of-honor but broke up with boyfriend Teddy (Wyatt Russell) who happens to be the brother of the bride. Stunning her table-mates with her forwardness, Eloise gets a bit brutal informing them of why they are at Table 19.

Bina and Jerry spend time snipping at one another, Walter can’t seem to answer direct questions put to him; Rezno has a mother who pushes him to find a girl at the reception and Nanny Jo has tales to tell of the bride and her brother.

Eloise tries to forget that she’s in the same room with Teddy and it is everyone at table 19 who stands by her — and each other. The most unlikely table becomes the most likely to find the true meaning of friendship.

Kendrick as Eloise is endearing and has a biting wit that gets her into a bit of trouble. Losing brides maid status is the least of Eloise’s’ problems yet sitting at table 19 offers her more than she could have ever expected. Kendrick has the awesome knack of bringing relatability to a character and even when she’s being a tad wretched, she easily receives forgiveness.

Kudrow as Bina is a woman clearly unhappy with the way her life is turning out. Feeling alienated from the young married life she remembers is causing a rift now. Kudrow gives us her funny side mixed in with a motherly attitude towards the group. Robinson as Jerry seems to have become fixed in his life as a diner owner and book reader but that’s only on the surface.

Russell as Teddy has a magazine rack full of issues and wishes Eloise would just go away so he won’t have to deal with any of them. Merchant as Thimple is absolutely hilarious as his story unfolds. He starts as the odd man out who isn’t as odd as people may think. Revolori as Rezno is a young man clearly trying to find his way through life and at table 19 he’s doing it wearing a furry tie. He is a straight forward character who clearly needs to break free!

Squibb as Nanny Jo is the jewel in this film, the icing on the wedding cake and the stuff that older lady’s are made of. I loved every moment of her performance and no one could have ever done it better. She is amazing and all I could think is how cool it would be to hang out with a Nanny Jo.

Other cast include Margo Martindale as Rezno’s mother Freda, Thomas Cocquerel as Huck, Andrew Daly as Luke Pfaffler, and Maria Thayer as Kate Milner.

“Table 19” is a quirky, twisted, hilarious, heartfelt, jaw drop of a story filled with moments that are so relatable for anyone who has ever attended a reception. None of this surprises me as the Duplass brothers have once again brought every range of emotion in one afternoon. If anything else, the next time anyone attends a reception after seeing the film will wonder why they are at their assigned table.

Of course I’m leaving out a lot of detail because I had such a good time watching this film that I want everyone to enjoy it as well. This cast is just magical bringing out the best and worst of their characters only to discover that we are all broken in some way or another.

Quick to judge, quick to anger, quick to run and quick to realize that we all need one another to get through the craziness of life. These characters just remind us to have a sense of humor while it all plays out the way it’s supposed to. So, get some cake and be a part of “Table 19”.

In the end — you are invited to the wedding of the season.



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