Opening in theatres today from director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Warner Bros. Entertainment comes a film that screams WE’RE THE MILLERS.

This film tells the story of David Clark (Jason Sudeikis), a laid-back pot-smoking dealer who loves his life that has no real responsibilities. Living in the same building is Rose (Jennifer Anniston), a stripper in a bad relationship and Kenny (Will Poulter) a latchkey kid who wants to get to know homeless girl Casey (Emma Roberts).

That all seems great right? Yea, that is until David grows a momentary conscious and helps Kenny save Casey from bad guys who proceed to beat the crap out of him. When he wakes up of course his apartment has been ransacked with all the money and product – gone!

That’s a bigger problem for David because the money belonged to Brad Burdlinger (Ed Helms), a sleazy-er dealer than David! Now Brad wants his money or else – that is unless David agrees to take a little trip across the Mexican border to get a smidge of marijuana for him.

Left with no choice David gets a brainstorm of how to make it happen. After wrangling Rose, Kenny and Casey into his plot they all head down to Mexico to retrieve a motor home and come directly back to the United States. Along the way they become entwined with the Fitzgerald’s Don (Nick Offerman), Edie (Kathryn Hahn) and daughter Melissa (Molly C. Quinn).

What’s worse than hanging out with an uptight couple that need to find themselves? Well, a very angry drug dealer named Pablo Chacon (Tomer Sisley) who wants his RV back and all will be well.

Yea, and I have beautiful lake front property in the everglades I can sell you cheap!

FINAL WORD: Sudeikis is very funny as Dave. From the moment he gets smacked around it’s one crazy stunt after another. It’s actually fantastic to see him carry the weight of the film and do it well. The plan is insane, the execution of it seriously disturbing and the end result hilarious. Those three things in and of themselves gives Sudeikis comedy street cred!

Anniston as a stripper – okay lets just get this out of the way. She wasn’t a very good stripper. I mean come on Jen girl, that slow mo scene in the bar where you were suppose to be wiggling your butt cheeks (yea, I know that move – don’t ask), yea, your suppose to turn around. All that frontal jiggling was a waste of film footage, just sayin! Okay, on to her role as Rose and Ms. Anniston you did very well. I really enjoyed watching you become a ‘Mom’ and you couldn’t have been any gentler with the ‘weed baby’ if you tried. Cracked me up so good on ya girl!

Poulter completely creeped me out as Kenny and if I never see his balls again I’d be okay with that actually. He was perfect as the insecure and out of place Kenny so there’s that to be thankful for. Roberts as Casey did all right and that’s not a bad thing. She had her moments.

Offerman and Hahn as the Fitzgerald’s is something to be experienced so I’m not even going to try and explain the finger – DON’T try to get me to explain!

Helms as Brad couldn’t have been any more sleazier if he tried. Oh wait, sure he could, he’s had so much practice hanging out with Mr. Chow! I loved his character because it truly was so outer limits that it might be possible. He’s the guy you point at and say, ‘you sir, are a douchebag!’ and he’d be thrilled!

Other cast include: Matthew Willig as One-Eye, Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson, Mark L. Young as Scottie P., Ken Marino as Todd and Laura-Leigh as Kymberly.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WE’RE THE MILLERS three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is actually kind of funny but do not take your little ones. This may have the movie poster of a wholesome looking family but it ain’t!

It has moments of just out and out madness, gross stuff, giggles, ‘awwwww’s and wtf’s enough to go around for everyone. No, they are not reinventing the comedy wheel here; it’s just a lot of fun. Go in expecting to laugh and you won’t be disappointed and that folks is always a grand thing!

In the end – it’s all about family!

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