This is such an amazing DVD announcement from SHOUT! Factory with the final installment of “When Calls the Heart: Follow Your Heart” and also the release of “When Calls the Heart: Year Two!”

Once again we are back to the town of Hope Valley! Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) has return to her teaching position at the school and Mountie Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) returns to his duties. Since coming home from Hamilton, the couple hasn’t really been on speaking terms.

Abigail Stanton (Lori Loughlin) is still dealing with the problems caused by the town mayor and this time she must bring her café up to code or lose it. It is Pastor Frank (Mark Humphrey) that wants to help Abigail and a friendship blossoms.

The one that doesn’t seem to like it is Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) who is trying to stay away, especially since wife Nora (Kristina Wagner) wants to save their marriage. But Bill is also holding on to the counterfeit case that Jack believes is closed.

Rosemary LeVeaux (Pascale Hutton) made her feelings clear to Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) but in doing so discovers that perhaps she might have been to hasty. In Hamilton, Elizabeth’s younger sister Julie (Charlotte Hegele) is still upset about Tom leaving town and older sister Grace (Lynda Boyd) tells Charles he must act quickly if he wants Elizabeth for himself.

In Hope Valley, Jack and Elizabeth find themselves in the middle of a turbulent storm that turns out to be just what they need for their future!

Krakow is once again is stunning as Elizabeth. This character is so lovely and a little naively endearing trying to bring her wealthy upbringing and Hope Valley life together. She is clearly part of the Hope Valley community and sees her life there but when her Hamilton family calls – she is pulled back in. Krakow has some of the most amazing expressions that sometimes make me laugh!

Lissing as Jack is, and I’m repeating from other watchers, the most handsome Mountie any of us has ever seen or want to see. He is a gentleman in every way yet stands his ground when necessary and Jack wants his community safe challenging anyone who may try otherwise. His relationship with Elizabeth has its bumps but mainly because he knows who he is and wants to be accepted for it. We are behind you 100% Jack! Lissing is just a delight.

Loughlin as Abagail has truly had a difficult time since discovering Bill is married. Having a new friendship makes this easier and begins to make her smile once again. Humphrey as Pastor Frank is a welcome addition to Hope Valley but, when the good Pastor vaguely talks about his past, Abagail gets a little nervous.

Wagner as Bill isn’t finished with his counterfeit investigation even though his superiors say the case is closed. Tracing money back to Hope Valley, he is furious to discover that his wife Nora (Kristina Wagner) has followed him believing Bill is there to see Abagail. It is actually cool to see the Wagner clan working together as the last time I saw them was the soap opera General Hospital.

Hutton as Rosemary is so delightful to watch. Continuing to write her advice column, we also get to see an adorable jealous side to her character. Smith as Lee takes matters into his own hands when it comes to their relationship. Smith has a charm that just makes viewers smile.

SHOUT! Factory is devoted to bringing the best of pop culture to fans. From feature films, classic television series, animation and comedy specials are all available to add to your own home library. To see more of what they have to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “When Calls the Heart: Follow Your Heart” four tubs of popcorn out of five. Every episode is such an adventure into a time period where relationships were hard and living could be harder. Hope Valley is a community that harkens back to a time many of us miss. The sense of community, helping one another, loyalty in friendships and love are all here.

Another aspect of the series that I love is the costuming and set design. I brings so much more life to the stories of Hope Valley. Yes, it must be said, I’ve been drawn in but everything When Calls the Heart has to offer.

Janette Oke’s is the author of the books When Calls the Heart and the series Canadian West. This American-Canadian television series began on the Hallmark Channel in 2014 and developed by Michael Landon, Jr. That is another draw since his father, Michael Landon, took my beloved Laura Ingalls Wilder books and gave them life in the television series LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

For fans of the show who want their When Calls the Heart fix all in one fell swoop, SHOUT! Factory has brought the television movie collection with all Five Movies from the second year to DVD. It includes Behind-the-Scenes interviews with the cast that I know will thrill fans. Over seven hours of story in this Family Approved collection!

In the end — Hope Valley is a town with amazing people of heart!



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